Bobby Shmurda Turns Up To 'Firework' By Katy Perry

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Bobby Shmurda has been going from state to state making appearances in the club to promote his hit song "Hot Nigga," but in a twist you never saw coming he uploads a video on Instagram turning up to Katy Perry.

"Firework" is a major hit by singer Katy Perry and it seems as if Shmurda is a huge fan of the song.

The caption under the Instagram post read "Baby your ah firework dis mah shit." He flashes numerous hand signals as the song builds to the chorus, not quite sure what those signals mean but when the beat drops, Shmurda goes crazy inside the vehicle he is traveling in.

Shmurda is know for his song "Hot Nigga" and the "Shmoney Dance" that goes along with it. The incredible rocket to fame has led him to be the top artist on Billboards Emerging Artist chart week after week and it seems like he will be there for many more to come.

The "Hot Nigga" official remix is scheduled to hit sometime this week according to an interview with last week. he was also featured on the release of Uncle Murda's "Body Dance."

Watch Bobby Shmurda Turn Up Below