Blaque Keyz, Jon Bellion & Travis Mendes Release 'Witness Protection': Intense Lyrical Talent

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It's always a good sign when "Beautiful Minds" come together and yesterday fans were treated to just that as Blaque Keyz released "Witness Protection" a new track featuring Jon Bellion and Travis Mendes.

(Video/Audio Below)

It's honestly just credit where credit is due for "Witness Protection" because there are two artists who are featured that mostly dabble in R&B. They aren't credited as being Hip-Hop artists but that didn't stop Bellion and Mendes from unleashing a can of whoop ass through their lyrics.

These artists are heavily underrated in terms of being able to spit mind bending lyrics.

Blaque Keyz in particular continues to impress with smart content that paints ludicrous images in the listeners mind. He is indeed a very underrated artist who is still rising up the ranks because he's not in your face everyday like mainstream rappers are, however, fans of Hip-Hop should look out for him and the new music he .

There is emphasis and feeling in his delivery and you can feel how much he stands behinds what he's rapping. While his verse was short it was effective in what the crew was trying to get across.

"Witness Protection" will come off as braggadocios but it's done in the correct way because they utilize a raw freestyle format with an incredible NY style beat put together by Mylon Haydes. These guys are confident in the music that they make which gives them all the right to go off on a track like they did.

The Beautiful Mind crew has really created a true hip-hop track that makes the listener feel as though they are a part of the freestyle. Don't take our word for it, check it out below and "witness" it for yourself.

Listen to "Witness Protection" below.

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