Blake Shelton Talks Gwen Stefani, Plays 'Wet Head' and More On The Ellen Show

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It's been a pretty awesome year for The Voice's Blake Shelton. He recently visited The Ellen Show to chat about Gwen Stefani, his career and much more, including a pretty funny game of Wet Head.

The host kicked the interview off by pointing out how great the year was for Shelton who won an American Music Award and had a pretty hilarious reaction to it on Twitter. Shelton is also nominated for three People's Choice Awards.

DeGeneres always seems to get Stefani and Shelton to gush over each other whenever they visit the show and this time was no exception.

Shelton didn't shy away from talking about Stefani and said he loved talking about her. DeGeneres said they seemed like the most unlikely couple but they were both going through something that brought them together.

DeGeneres is a fan of the two together and Shelton said it's an eye-opener to be with Stefani.

Shelton said that Stefani is one of the most normal people and raved about her being a good human being with a great heart.

Of course, Shelton had to point out that Stefani is hot.

Meanwhile, the country singer played a little game of Wet Head with the two infamous twins that The Ellen Show loves. You can watch Shelton's interview from The Ellen Show and game of Wet Head in the videos below.

Blake Shelton Talks Gwen Stefani On The Ellen Show

Blake Shelton, The Ellen Show Twins and Ellen DeGeneres Play Wet Head