Bing Features Toledo Spain On Homepage

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Bing today is featuring the city of Toledo, Spain on it's homepage with the feature text "Here in 'the city of three cultures,' Toledo's Christian, Jewish, and Muslim populations coexisted relatively peacefully during the Middle Ages."

While Google still remains the search king, maybe out of sheer habit at this point, every once in a while Bing puts something on its front page so spectacular it requires some attention.

Sadly, none of the links on the home page are in Spanish. However, Bing sends you to a Rick Steves video where he gives a brief history of the city and shows you some footage from 2003-ish judging by the pants and haircuts.

Bing's map feature also allows you to poke around the city El Greco now made more famous.

The photographer of the photo of the city, is a Peruvian man who studied at the Sorbonne.

While that doesn't mean a whole lot to me, it sounds really, really impressive. You can poke around and see even more of his work, and to be frank, it's impressive.

So if you ever spent a semester abroad in Spain, or lived there for years and have the love-hate relationship foreigners seem to develop with the most laconic country on earth, or just want to poke around a map of Toledo that reminds you of when Google first launched GoogleMaps (except at the time, that was really cool and this is just disappointing), hop on over.

Or better yet, call in sick for two weeks and move to Spain. By the time your boss finds out you don't really have Polio, you'll be long gone.