Are Billie Lourd and Taylor Lautner The Next It Couple?

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Billie Lourd, actress and best known for her role on the hit TV show, "Scream Queens," is breaking out of the mold to be come a superstar in her own right. Previously, there have been so many stars on Scream Queens that this star didn't really grab our attention.

But with all of the latest buzz on Billie Lourd's relationship to star Taylor Lautner, this actress has been making waves. So who is this new talent and how did she get her start?

Billie Lourd has some pretty famous roots! She is the daughter of Carrie Fisher and granddaughter of Debbie Reynolds.

Her father is Bryan Lourd, a mega agent in Hollywood, who actually represents George Clooney. Per Vanity Fair, Billie Lourd has said about her parents' views on her pursuing an acting career:

"the one thing they'd all say my whole life was: 'The last thing you want to be is an actress.' They wanted me to be a doctor, a C.E.O., a trashman. Basically anything but an actress."

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Billie Lourd actually attended college at New York University, studying religion and psychology.

It wasn't until Billie Lourd starred in the most recent Star Wars sequel, "The Force Awakens," that she really got her start.

Billie Lourd was cast in a small role but shortly thereafter, was nabbed her recurrent role on "Scream Queens."

More recently, Billie Lourd has been seen out and about with costar Taylor Lautner. The couple has been spotted on camera, sharing kisses, running errands and of course, have become fodder for costars to discuss their relationship.

But is this new romance the real deal? It seems that this new love is making its debut just in time for the season finale of Scream Queens, which got us wondering about how much of this relationship is real chemistry versus the artful work of a set of publicists.

However, it seems only time will tell on what the outcome will be for Billie Lourd's new relationship with Taylor Lautner.

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