'Billboard Music Awards' Memorable Performances': Ed Sheeran, Britney Spears, and more

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The Billboard Music Awards are like any other award shows.

Artists like Ed Sheeran and Wiz Khalifa will show off the numbers they've been nominated for or are big at the moment. They'll give tributes to legends who've passed and anniversaries of greats.

Some performances will flop and others will be talked about for days to come.

Ed Sheeran Performs 'Bloodstream'
Sheeran got on stage with only his guitar and loop pedal to keep him company.

You might have thought his other bits were full of talent but watching Sheeran remaster his song using his voice to set the melody and his guitar as a percussion is a whole other thing.

The Tributes: B.B. King, Paul Walker, and John Hughes
There were three tribute songs at the Billboard.

Imagine Dragons sang 'Stand by Me' in honor of B.B. King. Simple Minds came one to perform their hit 'Don't You (Forget About Me),' and Wiz Khalifa paid tribute to Paul Walker by singing his hit song, from Furious 7, 'See You Again.' Not all of them were spectacular but tugging at the audience's heartstrings always get a reaction.

Tori Kelly's Acoustic 'Nobody Love'
This song is on it's way to being a top summer song this year and Kelly blew away her performance at the Billboard's.

Instead of a background band and dancers, the singer opted to stand alone with her guitar.

'Pretty Girls,' Britney Spears and Iggy Azeala
This was not a good performance. There were lots of dancers in neon colored outfits and Iggy seemed to be lip syncing a few of her lines.

Spears' dancing was so on-point that it was the best thing about it.

Girl can move just as well as ever. However, Spears is one of the most widely known female artists and Iggy has constantly been at the top of the charts, though she only won one award.

Mariah Carey performs 'Vision of Love' & 'Infinitey'
Continuing with awful performances,Mariah Carey's was the worst of the night. Maybe, she should have shown up for the final rehearsal. She was forcing her voice to reach notes it's no longer comfortable reaching.

When she did hit a note it was so shrill that the TV audience couldn't hear her. Her backup singers were the real stars of this performance. There's a reason she has a residency in Vegas.

As for Kanye, could anyone see him past the cloud of pyrotechnics? Or hear more then ten minutes of his performance?

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