Bill O'Reilly: CDC Is Not Telling the Truth About Ebola

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Bill O'Reilly is one of the many many reporters talking about the current Ebola situation, and he is accusing the Center of Disease Control for not telling the whole truth to the public.

People with Ebola are spotting up all over the world, and O'Reilly claims that the CDC needs to tell the public all of the details about how these people contracted the virus.

From a freelance journalist in Nebraska to a woman in Madrid, Spain, he says the CDC is too busy making sure its PR claims are all in check.

The way that the CDC said these people contracted Ebola seems fishy and not fully accurate, and O'Reilly is calling for the truth.

He also added some of his own strategies to try to stop the spread of Ebola. He said that President Obama should order an immigration quarantine, not allowing any flights or people with a West African country passport into the United States until the both the panic has stopped in the United States and the epidemic is controlled in Africa.

He also said that Europe should also do the same thing to prevent the disease form hitting there.

His final idea was that, although people are panicking over Ebola, they should not add to the chaos that may break loose any day now.

His strategy ideas can be seen here:

In a way I agree with O'Reilly in saying that the CDC needs to be more truthful, however they need to be careful in what they share with the public. His strategy to contain Ebola presents valid points, but actually carrying them out is easier said than done.

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