Bill Nye Talks About New Film On Tumblr

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If you lived through the 90s, especially if you were a student in that decade you've probably spent a science class or ten watching "Bill Nye the Science Guy." In fact, just saying the title conjures up the theme song which is now playing on repeat inside of your head.

Bill Nye was answering questions on Tumblr in support of a kickstarter.

The kickstarter is "The Bill Nye Film" and was created by David Alvarado and Jason Sussberg. These two were in middle school during the 90s.

They've admitted that watching those videos was the reason they got so interested in science. For many kids it was the only interesting part about a science class.

As Alvarado and Sussberg grew up they started to make documentaries about technology and science. Now they want to make a film about Nye's quest to change the world by championing space exploration and fighting against climate change.

Because the questions are coming from all different people there is a vast range. They responded to questions about the show, gave advice to teachers and students, and answered random scientific thoughts.

A question about what parts of Nye's life the film will focus on revealed that the "movie is going to look at Bill's life as an engineer, educator, television visionary, and advocate.

That alone doesn't make a compelling documentary, so we are absolutely going to focus on Bill's non-public life- the man behind the bow tie."

The questions Nye, Alvarado, and Sussberg were answering is part of a new feature Tumblr added called "Answer Time." It selects different celebrities and well know public figures, than advertises that they will be taking questions for a few days.

The questions come from Tumblr users, so mainly fans of that current person. Than the person may select or answer as many as they can at an appointed time.