Bill Murray Talks 'St. Vincent' and Christmas Special on 'The Ellen Show'

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There isn't anyone who hasn't seen Bill Murray in at least one film. Today many will see Murray on a rerun of The Ellen DeGeneres Show, talking about last year's hit, "St. Vincent" and trading jokes with DeGeneres.

Murray gives as well as DeGeneres when it comes to deadpan jokes. The two spend time joking about what it was like on the set of the film "St.

Vincent." They laughed over Murray's pranks on fans and interesting encounters he's recently had with fans. Then DeGeneres pressed for details on the rumored Christmas Special by Sofia Coppola that could be coming in the future.

DeGeneres welcomed Murray onto her show with a thank you for appearing on what he refers to a looney bin of a show. From there, she mentioned his film "St.

Vincent." Murray made a joke about how cute the kid actor, Jaeden Lieberher, is.

So cute that "he won't be one of those child actors to end up in jail." She wanted to know why Murray took a chance a first time director, Theodore Melfi, who probably earned his stripes for actually being able to reach Murray.

Ellen shared a photo of Murray photobombing a couples engagement photo. Murray himself doesn't seem to be too sure about why he did it. Perhaps just a spur of the moment decision that happens when watching people randomly posing in the same place.

Either way, Murray doesn't believe the couple will last, despite the epic picture. That's not all of Murray's fan interaction.

A guy on the Tram told Murray about the kickball game he was going to play with his friends. Murray stopped by the park later on to bat once.

Coppola had the idea for a show surrounding Christmas songs and told Murray about it. The special doesn't seem like something either of them were focused on producing seriously, with no networks involved.

However, Murray does admit that there are people involved in it now and that he would like to go through with it. We'll just have to see come Christmas.