Big Sean Launches #IDFWU Photo Editor: Review

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Rapper Big Seansent the game in a frenzy when he released four next tracks last month, now he is turning his song "IDFWU" into a photo editor available for everyone and anyone.

"Big Sean's "I Don't Fuck With You" is the runaway hit from his recent surprise 4 track release last month," reportsa href="">, "charting on the Hot 100, and becoming a mantra for anyone who's gone through a bad breakup.

Sean is now taking this particular appeal a step further, introducing a new photo editor that allows you to get back at your ex."

The photo has just four options but a lot of damage is possible with just those four options.

It allows you to use your webcam or your personal files to upload a photo of your choice.

Judging from the subject material of his song and speculation that it may have been about his ex-fiance Naya Rivera, most people will probably be using this to upload photo's of their own ex's.

Empty Lighthouse decided to test the app using someone from Sean's past. First we found a photo and uploaded it which was very simple. Next we used the blur tool which is the third option given in the editor to blur out the face and a few other areas of the photo.

Finally we used the mark tool to create marks on the photo.

The process is very simple and easy anyone who knows their way around a website would be able to do it and it is quite a funny way to get back at your ex if you wanted to.

Can you guess who Empty Lighthouse chose as the test subject?

Fans might be able to guess the subject that was used in our trial and for those who want to try it you can access it for free here.