Big Sean Gets Interviewed On 'Fashion Bros' Season 2: Find Out What He F**ks With

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The "Fashion Bros" are known to have some of the most hilarious interviews with celebrity and designers. Yesterday Complex posted the "Fashion Bros" interview with Big Sean and it was just as funny as the rest of them.

"On the 13th episode of Season 2 of 'Fashion Bros,' Lawrence Schlossman and James Harris emerge from the anonymity of the Internet to kick it with Big Sean on everything from signing t****** to whether or not he fucks with TV shows about singing high schoolers," according to the caption of the video.

Schlossman and Harris aren't afraid of asking the weird questions, the questions that absolutely no one else would ask. Sean told both hosts that Kanye West is a better designer than he was as the two friends are both signed to Adidas.

Sean also went over his Netflix recommendations and even said that he was a fan of the new Dragonball Z movies.

From Sean's own personal tweet fans can tell that the interview was one of the more unorthodox ones that he's had.

Watch the "Fashion Bros" interview below.