The 'Between Two Ferns' Interview with Hillary Clinton is Even More Painful Than You'd Expect (Watch)

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Funny or Die released a new Between Two Ferns episode with Zach Galifinakis interviewing Hillary Clinton, and boy was it awkward.

The interview will not be putting to rest any questions about Hillary Clinton's health, and it will certainly not put to rest Clinton's image as unable to relate to average people.

The only question it may put to rest is whether Clinton's campaign team is incompetent.

You can watch it here:

In the interview, Galifinakis asks questions like: "As secretary how many words per minute can you type ... And how does President Obama like his coffee ...weak?" To which Clinton awkwardly responds while looking extremely unhappy.

At one point, Clinton angrily tells Galifinakis "don't tell me what to say," which although meant to be a joke doesn't look like one. Clinton seems totally out of place.

At another point, Galifinakis says "I'd love to meet the person who made your pantsuits ... Because for Halloween I wanted to go as a librarian from outer space."

Later, as Clinton starts trying to talk about policy, Galifinakis shows a Donald Trump commercial, to which Clinton asks "why would you play commercial from my opponent in the middle of our interview?"

The interview ends with Clinton blinking her eyes and looking frustrated.

Our only question is, who in Hillary's campaign really thought that this would work out well for her?

Photo courtesy Funny or Die

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