Better Than The Shmoney Dance? Cutting Shapes 'The Renegade': House Shuffle Skills

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We were all too caught up with the "Shmoney Dance" to realize that there was another sensation on YouTube called the "House Shuffle" sparked by a Cutting Shapes song titled, "The Renegade."

(Video Below)

The dance looks to be a fuse between B-Boy top rocking and a forward running man move but the mix of the EDM song seems to be a common denominator in all of this as well.

There is humor in it as some people totally get into the dance especially at festivals.

The video is a prime example of someone starting off as if he is just vibing to the music and then all of a sudden a huge burst energy comes out of nowhere.

The dance is also being referred to as the house shuffle and house music is another genre that happens to fall in line with the EDM movement as well. The song itself is catchy and fun to listen to but the dance moves will keep you very entertained.

It's practiced in all different styles by all types of people and from what you can see, a Dance Dance Revolution game would probably be the perfect practice to get some of the moves down.

The "Shmoney Dance" seems a lot more simpler than this one but it all may just come down the style of music you like, but the House Shuffle deserves some shine as well.

Check out the Dance Video below.

Compilation Video