The Best Wiz Khalifa & Charlie Puth 'See You Again' Covers On YouTube: Tyler Ward, Jason Chen & More

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The number one song on Billboard's Top 100 chart is Wiz Khalifa and Charlie Puth's "See You Again," a tribute song to Paul Walker that was featured in the record breaking "Furious 7" film.

The touching song lends itself well to covers and here are some of the best ones on YouTube right now.

Tyler Ward's "See You Again" acoustic cover is refreshing and performed in a way that does the song a ton of justice. The acoustic styling is a cross between Ryan Adams and Matt Nathanson's style making it one of the most interesting covers of the song on YouTube.

Khalifa's rap doesn't seem to bother Ward as he manages to find a smart way around reciting it. The last minute of the song breaks into a more animated and uplifting moment and finally ends on a soft note.

"See You Again" Cover By Tyler Ward

The Jason Chen cover of "See You Again" has a delivery so similar to Charlie Puth's that it's pretty scary. Chen really manages to capture the falsetto masterfully and tries his best with the Khalifa lyrics.

The speed in which Khalifa spits his lyrics is hard to capture in most covers but Chen does a solid job of getting it done. It's yet another cover that would make Puth and Khalifa proud.

"See You Again" Cover By Jason Chen

For a cover that flexes some seriously powerful vocals you might check out Ali Brustofski's rendition of "See You Again." The arrangement of the cover is pretty refreshing and while the Khalifa section seems a difficult, Brustofski manages to get through it just fine.

It's a simple yet effective cover that's well done by Brustofski.

"See You Again" Cover By Ali Brustofski

For a more upbeat take on "See You Again" Elyar Fox out of the UK gives his followers a taste of what he can do with his cover. It's pretty short at just under two minutes long but Fox can really sing.

He has power in his voice and excellent control similar to Jason Mraz or Ed Sheeran (no it's not a comparison because he's from the UK).

"See You Again" Cover By Elyar Fox

Last but certainly not least is SoMo's take on "See You Again" that is full of emotion.

Joseph Anthony Somers-Morales goes by SoMo for his performer's name and his voice lends itself very well to "See You Again." His cover is more delicate that much of the others but it's so well done that it deserves to make the list.

It's different from your regular acoustic cover which helps it stand out from the rest.

"See You Again" Cover By SoMo

All of the covers above would make Wiz Khalifa, Charlie Puth and the entire cast of "Furious 7" proud to see how many people honored the words of the song.

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