Best Taylor Swift 'Blank Space' Covers On YouTube: MattyBRaps, Tiffany Alvord, I Prevail & More

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One radio hit after another is the way to describe Taylor Swift's career but by far one of the most infectious songs of 2014 was "Blank Space."

The song is so catchy in fact that artists have flocked to YouTube giving the song their own spin, here's a few that could be considered some of the best covers.

First there is something for the much younger age group, it's not the Kidz Bop sound, but something pretty impressive as MattyBRaps and Ivey Meeks give the song a cover for Middle School students to enjoy.

"Hi BBoys & BGirls! Thanks for watching MattyB's cover of #BlankSpace by Taylor Swift! MattyB is a big fan of Taylor Swift's music and thought this song would make for a REALLY fun cover!" read the caption of the YouTube video that has 5.4 million views since it's initial post of December 16.

"Special thanks to good friend Ivey Meeks for her awesome performance in her first ever recorded song and music video!"

The little rapper spits some pretty impressive verses for his age as he tackles the issue of heartbreak at the young age where puppy love is beginning to develop.

Meeks doesn't try to do anything over the top and stays true to the original version of the song.

Taylor Swift - Blank Space (MattyBRaps & Ivey Meeks Cover)

For a more gentle approach to the song moving it away from the Hip-Hop twist, a young talent by the name of Tiffany Alvord puts her own spin on "Blank Space." The cover is much softer the original and showcases a different style of pop music.

It's a cross between Natalie Imbruglia and Taylor Swift that just happens to work well for the song.

Alvord left a message for her fans in the caption that read, "We had a ton of fun with this and I hope you enjoy it, haha.

We also used a reference from Dumb & Dumber 2. I promise I'm not THAT crazy ;) Make sure to share the video if ya like it! Love you guys!!"

The cover is simply and beautiful sometimes artists can get lost in covering this song which takes a little authenticity away from it, this one, however, is clean and crisp.

Taylor Swift "Blank Space" Cover By Tiffany Alvord

Ready for a twist? A few weeks back Empty Lighthouse highlighted a hardcore cover that may even make Swift herself proud. The I Prevail cover of "Blank Space" actually showcases how dynamic the lyrics of the song is.

It is a hardcore punk approach to a very sweet pop song. They really rock out to the radio hit and turn it into something pretty damn impressive.

Taylor Swift "Blank Space" Cover By I Prevail

For a softer male cover Tyler Ward's cover of "Blank Space" is a must. It's a complete acoustic styled cover that relays the message of the song without using a pop-styled hypnotism that Swift used.

It is equally as impressive as the original.

Yet another style of music is explored with this cover and "Blank Space" isn't the only song with dynamic lyrics that can be reworked to fit another genre, however, it is just fun to see how other artists are able to make a song relatable for a different audience so easily and effortlessly.

Taylor Swift "Blank Space" Cover By Tyler Ward

Another authentic cover with an electronic-pop style that is quite impressive happens to be Adien Lewis' version of "Blank Space." The beat is completely reworked to give the song a surprisingly fresh sound. It is one of the more experimental covers that actually pays off for the artist in the final product.

It's not over the top and honestly the delivery is much like the original but paired with a new sound, the song is transformed yet again for another fan base.

Taylor Swift "Blank Space" Cover By Adien Lewis