Best Taylor Swift 'Bad Blood' Covers On YouTube: Sarah Close, Cimorelli, The Johnsons & More

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After premiering her "Bad Blood" music video at the 2015 Billboard Music Awards, Taylor Swift skyrocketed up the Billboard Hot 100 chart for yet another number song especially after the remixed version featuring Kendrick Lamar.

The success and popularity of the song has traveled throughout the Internet, from the anticipation leading up to the music video to having the song covered by a bunch of YouTube artists from all over.

So, we selected the best Taylor Swift "Bad Blood" covers we could find and compiled them all below for you to enjoy.

Why? Because variety is the spice of life and while Swift does her song in a way that can never be duplicated, the artists below take pretty awesome spins on the hit.

First up is Sarah Close and her heartfelt piano cover of "Bad Blood." She turns a Pop/Hip-Hop combination into a slow and deep love song. Close has a very unique voice but that doesn't take away from the fact that it's clean, pleasing to the ears and so very effective for the "Bad Blood" cover.

Her enthusiasm and emotion shines right through especially when the chorus hits.

It's fairly simple version with a more delicate arrangement but it's still pretty awesome which is why it makes our list. Check out the Sarah Close "Bad Blood" cover below.

Taylor Swift "Bad Blood" Cover By Sarah Close

The second awesome cover featured on the "Best Taylor Swift 'Bad Blood' Covers On YouTube" is the Jrodtwins Cover. It's a very light cover and the guys even take on the fast paced Kendrick Lamar verse that was featured in the remix of the popular Taylor Swift song.

When it comes time for the guys to harmonize together, they do an excellent job. The acoustic cover totally suits their style and it's just overall a clean cover. Check out the Jrodtwins Cover of "Bad Blood" below.

Taylor Swift "Bad Blood" Remix Featuring Kendrick Lamar Cover By Jrodtwins

Both Cimorelli and The Johnsons have been featured on our lists of covers in the past and this time the best of both worlds combine as the two groups join forces for a brilliant cover of "Bad Blood." The two bands create a pop mash-up that's pretty out of this world. The caption of the photo labels the cover and music video as sibling rivalry where the all sister band takes on the all brother band.

It's the perfect setting for "Bad Blood" but it's definitely more playful. Both Cimorelli and The Johnsons are skilled vocalists and it shows through this exciting cover. Check out the Cimorelli and The Johnsons cover of "Bad Blood" below.

Taylor Swift "Bad Blood" Cover By Cimorelli & The Johnsons

Another cover that really stands out is Alexi Blue's take on the Taylor Swift Hot 100 hit. Blue's "Bad Blood" cover has a bit of an R&B twist to it that seems to fit it really well.

She really captures the essence of the song and does a bit of rearranging with a big note towards the songs finale.

Overall it's pretty awesome and Blue's talent is undeniable. Check out the Alexi Blue cover of "Bad Blood" below.

Taylor Swift "Bad Blood" Cover By Alexi Blue

Sophia Scott introduces a country twist to Taylor Swift's "Bad Blood" right from the comfort of her home. She doesn't have a big video setup or official music video. What she does have however, is an incredible talent.

Her voice is powerful and her hypnotizing strumming of her acoustic guitar is all she needs to accompany her in the cover.

She does an excellent job of capturing the pain of someone who was on the receiving end of someone who was wronged.

It's a bit deeper but still has the same awesome effect as the rest of covers mentioned before it.Check out Sophia Scott's "Bad Blood" cover below.

Taylor Swift "Bad Blood" Cover by Sophia Scott

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