Best PVRIS Covers From 'White Noise' On YouTube: 'St. Patrick,' 'My House' & 'Mirrors'

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What was one of the most impressive albums in terms of a new sound and stellar vocals, "White Noise," was delivered courtesy of the band PVRIS and a number of YouTube covers of some of their tracks have surfaced so here are a few of the best ones.

Kicking off the list is Christina Rotondo and her rendition of PVRIS' "St. Patrick." Rotondo has a powerful voice of her own but separates herself from Lyndsey Gunnulfsen in the way she delivers her cover.

The arrangement is a bit slower but Rotondo makes it work nicely. It's not over the top and there are flashes of the original all over it including the falsettos that Gunnulfsen was able to pull on the original track.

PVRIS "St. Patrick" Cover By Christina Rotondo

One of the more unorthodox covers of PVRIS' "St. Patrick" comes from Arthur Walwin.

Walwin stated in the caption of the video that he was "experimenting with some chillstep/ambient sounds." both sounds are evident in his cover as he completely transforms the PVRIS song into something really interesting to listen to, especially for dubstep fans.

Walwin has some impressive vocals and is not scared of displaying them.

PVRIS "St. Patrick" Cover By Arthur Walwin

Cassie Marin makes our list with her version of PVRIS' "My House." In this piano driven cover, Marin gently displays the beauty of the lyrics by creating a simple and soft arrangement.

It's different but works perfectly for her voice. The song is expressed in more of a melancholic and dreary fashion but towards the end Marin puts a little power into the cover, further declaring that it's "my house."

PVRIS "My House" Cover By Cassie Marin

The Wayward Daughter cover of PVRIS' "My House" is a fast paced acoustic joyride. The duo show a little chemistry as they perform the song. It's refreshing, different and even better recorded in a room without any vocal enhancements.

PVRIS "My House" Cover By Wayward Daughter

The last but certainly not least is the amazing cover of PVRIS' "Mirrors" by SEE. The cover contains everything that a successful cover should: a new but engaging arrangement, different delivery of the vocals and genuine feel.

It's soft and easy on the ears though she switches the lyrics up a tad bit, it's just to make her arrangement fit better.

The echoing of her voice is effective in the song as well for this overall well rounded and skillful cover.

PVRIS "Mirrors" Cover By See