The Best of 'Outcast Odyssey' DeviantArt Art Contest Entries So Far

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With 18 days left in DeviantArt's 'Outcast Odyssey' Card Master Challenge, deviants at are not going to make it easy choosing a winner.

The premise of this online art competition is to create a new fantastical creature that will fit in to the universe of 'Outcast Odyssey,' a virtual card playing game for mobile devices.

Artists are invited to create an original character portrait or illustration inspired by Outcast Odyssey of a Dragon/Monster, Witch/Warlock, or Steampunk Warrior.

Three grand prize winners will be chosen in the end, and not only will they see their art come to life in the game, but they will also receive a cash prize, an Apple iPad, a gaming headset, and a one-year premium membership to

22 semi-finalists will also be chosen for a cash prize and three month premium membership.

If you're interested, don't hesitate to read how to enter and get to work on a friggin masterpiece. And to get the create spark lit, check out this handful of some of the incredible submissions so far.

Competition. Is. Fierce.

Prismatic Unicorn - lvl 4 by sandara on DeviantArt

Ser Mable Wentworth by stplmstr on DeviantArt

Right of passage by Waveloop on DeviantArt

BattleSea by 6hellena6 on DeviantArt

STEAMPUNK SAMURAI WARRIOR by CloudXtrife on DeviantArt

Black Witch LV 2 by HasnulKarami on DeviantArt

Dios Del Muerte by darkchapel666 on DeviantArt

Outcast Odyssey Sea Monster by amazontopato on DeviantArt

About Outcast Odyssey Card Master Challenge


Outcast Odyssey is a visually stunning, action-packed card battler game for your mobile devices. Create a new Steampunk Warrior, Witch/Warlock, or Dragon/Monster that belongs in the adventurous fantasy world of Outcast Odyssey.

Three grand-prize winners will work with the Outcast Odyssey creative team to bring their portrait or illustration to life as a limited edition trading card available within the game! Outcast Odyssey has already worked with deviants to create art for the game - chuck-piresart and yigitkoroglu have each created beautiful pieces featured in the world of Outcast Odyssey.

Will you be next?