Best One Direction 'Story of My Life' Covers on Youtube: Miche Braden, Dear Adeline, and More

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After 'What Makes You Beautiful', 'Story of My Life' is One Direction's biggest hit.

It inspired a bunch of covers in a lot of different styles and voices.

The song itself as blends well when stretched over different genres because of the mixed tone the song already has. Here are six of the best covers that show off that flexibility.

This cover sets the song in an old New Orleans type of sound. Postmodern Jukebox has a way with figuring out which old-time music sound would work the best with modern songs.

This style works well with the lyrics of "Story of My Life" and the voice of the singer, Miche Braden. It's a really fun cover of the song and all the bands covers are available on Spotify.

Miche Braden Sings "Story of My Life" by One Direction, New Orleans Style - Postmodern Jukebox Cover

This band, Dear Adeline, definitely puts there own twist on "Story of My Life." They add the use of a violin that mixes well with the melancholy undertone of the lyrics. The singer's voice works well with the version of music the band came up with.

It's a nice cover that has been remade to fit the sound of the band but still hold true to the original version. The band has a few of their own songs and EPs.

One Direction - Story Of My Life (Dear Adeline Cover)

This cover doesn't actually cover the singing portion of the song. It's a cello/piano instrumental cover by The Piano Guys that highlights the beautiful sound of the song.

They used the song as a background for a video making this one more of showing the lyrics.

All around the piece is like classical meets The Giving Tree meets One Direction. The Piano Guys have a few albums out, the most recent is a christmas album called "Family Christmas."

Story of My Life (One Direction -- Piano/Cello Cover) - ThePianoGuys

An a cappella group called Home Free, gives the song more of an upbeat sound. It's an interesting change from the more softer covers.

"Story of My Life" is known as a confusing song in terms of if it's meant to be happy or sad reflection and it's nice to see a cover that highlights the upbeat portions of the song.

It also adds a bit of a country twang to the song, which works well enough with these singers voices and apparent style that it doesn't seem out of place.

Home Free were currently on tour for their album "Crazy Life."

One Direction - Story of My Life (Home Free a cappella cover)

"Story of My Life," is a really good song to cover because it can be so versatile, as shown in the pervious examples, but it also sounds really nice when it's being done as a simple acoustic cover.

The singer, Cassie Williams, has a nice voice for this simple setting and plays along well with her guitar. This cover is very pretty in its simplicity.

Story Of My Life - One Direction Acoustic Cover

Finally, Filipa, a singer who's video and music styling for the song give it a darker, country edge. She uses background music and her own pre-recorded vocals.

Her choice of instruments differ from the original version of the song, like those before her, and her voice melds nicely with them. Filipa has a single released on iTunes called "Chills."


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