Best Nick Jonas 'Jealous' Covers On YouTube: Leroy Sanchez, Travis Atreo, Jason Chen & More

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The youngest Jonas Brother is all grown up and now Nick Jonas is making it big with his hit song "Jealous."

The song sits in the top ten of Billboards Hot 100 Chart and with a popular song like "Jealous" came a bunch of awesome YouTube covers.

The first "Jealous" cover comes from Leroy Sanchez. Nick Jonas has taken a completely different style of music than he was performing with his brothers. The new R&B sound that Jonas has brought out of his arsenal is perfect for Sanchez.

Sanchez is a singer who uses a lot of soul and is pretty skillful when it comes to singing in a falsetto. The simple acoustic cover is very well done and nothing over the top.

Jonas himself has developed into a well controlled singer and Sanchez's cover really does a great attempt to capture that.

Nick Jonas "Jealous" Cover By Leroy Sanchez

Another successful use of the falsetto can be found in Travis Atreo'scover of "Jealous." YouTube is a platform full of great artists and Atreo is one of them. His cover is genuine and his ability to pull a falsetto that Jonas' "Jealous" is known for is pretty impressive.

For fans who really love the cover, Atreo made it available on iTunes for download.

Nick Jonas "Jealous" Cover By Travis Atreo

Jason Chen makes quite the argument for one of the best covers of "Jealous." His falsetto is right up there with Atreo and Sanchez and during the video you can see his enthusiasm as he belts out the song. Chen has also covered hits such as "Animals" by Maroon 5, "Habits" by Tove Lo and "I'm Not The Only One" By Sam Smith.

Chen's talent is natural and will be refreshing for fans of the original version of the song.

Nick Jonas "Jealous" Cover By Jason Chen

Alina Jasmine does an excellent rendition of "Jealous" and what makes it pretty impressive is the fact that there is no music at all. Acapella covers are pretty hard to do but Jasmine does a pretty good job in her cover.

It's a solid cover and even though there isn't background music in the video it is still soothing to the ears.

Nick Jonas "Jealous" Cover By Alina Jasmine

Andie Case does an excellent job of covering "Jealous," taking a bit of a different direction. The cover is a little more on the rock side but maintains an overall pop feeling.

The fact that Case stays true to her own style and transformed the song into something different with help from Naphtali Smith on the production, shows that she has a sense of individuality that she isn't afraid to express.

The power in her voice is enough to override the fact that she did not use the falsetto that original singer Jonas and many other covers used.

Nick Jonas "Jealous" Cover Andie Case

These covers are just a handful of some of the many impressive ones all over YouTube.

It's safe to say that if your song is being covered by many, you've clearly done something right. Jonas' solo career looks to be moving in the right direction with his self-titled debut album being a big hit among fans.