The Best #InThe90sIThought Tweets

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Today #InThe90sIThought is trending on Twitter and as one would expect it's yielded a series of hilarious and nostalgic tweets that we've compiled for you to enjoy.

The 90's represented a big step in the right direction when it came to the way we all listened to music. We saw a transition from the Walkman to a Discman.

The devices had the same idea surrounding it but instead of cassettes people now listened to CD's. The tweet below shows just how much of an impact a burnt CD made in the 90's.

The next tweet will bring back a boatload of memories for Nintendo fans who spent hours at a time playing Duck Hunt.

The game was practically one of the most popular shooting games in the 90's from the sheer fact that it was totally innocent fun, well, except the hunting ducks part.

We all remember the rise of the Pokemon.

Blockbuster could not have predicted the invention of Netflix and Amazon Prime Instant Video.

"The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air" was arguably one of the best shows that children growing up in the 90's watched on Television and yielded one of Hollywood's biggest stars in Will Smith.

Do you remember the struggle of having to turn to Channel 3 in order to play video games?

The photo below pretty much sums up three of the most popular names in sports and entertainment. Two MJ's and an MC.

"Saved by The Bell" was yet another 90's classic where the love story between Kelly and Zack was always evolving.

Let us know what some of your #InThe90sIThought are in the comments below.

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