Best Holiday Art for Your Christmas Card on deviantArt Right Now

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If you're looking to be the person whose Christmas card isn't just another one for the recycle bin this holiday season, consider checking out the super cool work at deviantART.

While wintry snowscapes and Santa's sleigh make for classic holiday card covers, they're so overdone, and nobody looks at them twice.

They get an "Aww, that's nice," and the thought does count,--but is the thought really enough at this time of year?

Making your thought count on Christmas can be hard when it comes to spreading the cheer with people you care for but may not know very well.

But rather than throw in the towel and get everyone a candle, you can always indulge in a bit of fanciful art.

More often than not, people will appreciate a bit of original art.

Slap a super cool Christmas picture on a card, and bam, desk decoration.

And if a flimsy card isn't totally your style, perhaps sending your friends and family a postcard, magnet, or full size canvas is more in tune with your holiday spirit.

These snippets from deviantART definitely set the bar high for being the coolest acquaintance around the cubicle.

Santa Claus: The Harbinger of Merriment

I've been dreaming of an undead Christmas

Christmas Card by dem0n-be on deviantART

"A Christmas Coral

So many presents beneath the sea.

A Christmas Coral by priteeboy on deviantART

"Have a Happy Nahrwal Christmas!"

Have a Happy Nahrwal Christmas by iisjah on deviantART

Feeding the Christmas Dragon

An annual tradition since The Middle Ages, probably.

Feeding the Dragon Christmas Card by Art-Calavera on deviantART

"The Christmas Spirit"

"Rudolph, did you do something with your hair?"

The Christmas Spirit by Questavia on deviantART

"Christmas Contraption"

For the special stoner in your life.

Christmas Contraption by wolfepaw on deviantART

Ice Princess

or Snow Queen?

December by escume on deviantART

This Christmas

Red ball and gold ball sittin' in a tree.

This Christmas by ScorpionEntity on deviantART