10 Best Christmas Gifts For Quentin Tarantino Fans Found On Etsy

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This Christmas, why not get your favorite movie buff something they'll truly never grow tired of? Tarantino fans will love any of these original and funky gifts found on Etsy.

Word on the street, Tarantino's newest movie "The Hateful Eight" has delved into production. It's Tarantino's first Western, and will be filmed entirely in Colorado.

It's the first cinematic project to be filmed entirely in Colorado since the late 60s, and will be starring Samuel K. Jackson and Kurt Russell.

But fans have another new Tarantino flick to look out for. Since the infamous "Sony Hack" unleashed privately disclosed information about works within Sony Pictures, e-mails revealing a possible future Django/Zorro cross-over flick surfaced.

According to Business Insider, "In an email dated Sept.

28, Pascal tells Tarantino she wants to discuss a potential "Django/Zorro" film.

She also tells him she wants to work on a movie called "The Dion Brothers" while making reference to the director's next project, "The Hateful Eight," with Harvey Weinstein."

With so much to look forward to in the world of Tarantino, let these Christmas gifts be a happy reminder of good time's passed:

1. These uncanny stud earrings of Quentin Tarantino's face.

2. This "Bad M****r F*****r" leather wallet. So no one will ever not know which wallet is yours.

3. This truly charmingkey chain. So no one will ever not know which keys are yours too.

4. A "Death Proof" car decal. In the case you want your car to look like a murder machine.

5. A made-to-order cross stitch inspired by "Reservoir Dogs."

6. This less-than-typical "Inglorious Basterds" movie poster.

7. "From Dusk Till Dawn" on VHS. Because it's practically vintage.

8. This mug with Tarantino's face printed on it.

9. A "Written and Directed By Quentin Tarantino" wall clock. So you can pretend your life is a Tarantino flick.

10. Some supah classy Tarantino movie cover wine charms. Totally calling Django.