Best Chris Brown Ft. Kendrick Lamar 'Autumn Leaves' Covers On YouTube: SoMo

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With the release of the beautiful music video for Chris Brown's "Autumn Leaves," it's only right that the beauty of the song is explored deeper in the many covers on YouTube.

The first amazing cover of Chris Brown's "Autumn Leaves" is by SoMo. SoMo captures the beauty of the song in a piano driven cover that omits Kendrick Lamar's hip-hop verse.

The arrangement really captures the color yet subtle nature of the season while SoMo's delivery of the song is delicate to match the image of a leaf falling from a tree.

It's very well done and not one bit over the top like you may expect.

Chris Brown "Autumn Leaves" Cover By SoMo

UK singer Sam Tompkins also gives a beautiful rendition of "Autumn Leaves" featuring an acoustic guitar that is delicate and clean. The cover is simple yet the vocal ability of Tompkins transforms it into something very different from the original.

Tompkins even created a rap verse of his own to substitute for Lamar's masterful verse on the track. The well done rendition deserves a listen as it contains all of the proper ingredients for a great cover.

Chris Brown "Autumn Leaves" Cover By Sam Tompkins

One voice that actually gets a bit close to Brown's is Simon Pereira.

He uses the original arrangement of the song and sticks to Brown's lyrics omitting Lamar's like the other two covers featured above. A gentle falsetto is also included towards the end in this short but simple and effective cover.

Chris Brown "Autumn Leaves" Cover By Simon Pereira

Though there is a heavy autotune vibe on the "Autumn Leaves" cover by Daria it's actually a nice electronic twist. The most impressive aspect of this cover is the fact that Daria doesn't omit the Kendrick Lamar verse.

She takes on the challenge of reciting it word for word and it's pair nicely with the electronic voice.

He actual voice does get a lot of shine as well so it's not over the top with the autotuning. All in all it was well done and worth a listen.

Chris Brown "Autumn Leaves" Cover By Daria