Best Bruno Mars 'Uptown Funk' Covers On YouTube: Mike Tompkins, Rochelle Diamante & More

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One of the go-to dance tunes on the radio is without a question Mark Ronson and Bruno Mars "Uptown Funk" and it's been getting the YouTube cover treatment but there are a few in particular that are pretty funky.

The first of some of the best Mark Ronson and Bruno Mars "Uptown Funk" cover is Mike Tompkins and Max Schneider's acapella mash-up. The beat created with their mouths are pretty funky fresh.

They both also display the energy that is featured in this song. The falsettos are pretty impressive as well and of course you have to mention the simple but cool music video that they filmed to accompany their cover.

Bruno Mars "Uptown Funk" Cover By Mike Tompkins and Max Schneider

Next up is Rochelle Diamante's rendition of "Uptown Funk." Though it just happens to be Diamante and the instrumental in the background, it is safe to safe that she has a ton of fun with the song.

"Uptown Funk" is feel good music and Diamante looked to be feeling pretty good while singing.

She even added a few touches of her own to make it a little original and towards the end there is a serious burst of power that will wake you the "funk" up.

Bruno Mars "Uptown Funk" Cover By Rochelle Diamante

Chris Brenner makes a really great case for one of the best "Uptown Covers" with a unique solo cover. The vocals are pretty interesting as it sounds like a cross between Brendon Urie and Patrick Stump.

Nonetheless, Brenner makes the cover all his own as he belts the song out in an evening setting armed with a guitar and some great energy.

The vocals are slightly punk to alternative rock with really great falsettos that make the cover one of the best on YouTube.

Bruno Mars "Uptown Funk" Cover By Chris Brenner

Not only is the music video fun and energetic but Amber Skyes vocals match that all the same.

Skyes and her back up dancers are getting down to the funky beat as they prowl through the street.

Matched with some pretty awesome vocals, the "Uptown Funk" cover by Skyes also represents the feel good and braggadocios nature of the song to it's core.

Bruno Mars "Uptown Funk" Cover By Amber Skye