Bella Thorne Doesn't Spit on Nick Cannon's Wild 'n Out (Watch)

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Bella Thorne and Jadakiss hit up Nick Cannon Presents Wild'n Out tonight and things got crazy fast.

In the first segment, we learned that Bella Thorne doesn't spit. Bella was looking great in tight jeans and a crop top, and Nick Cannon clearly got flustered.

Nick and Bella went up against each other in the spitting Talkin' Spit, where the first one to laugh and spit out water wins.

Nick was the first to spit after Karlous Miller brought up Bella's camel toe -- you can watch below:

Next up was the game Flow Job:

But in the final round, things got really crazy.

In a classic Wild'n Out freestyle, Nick took on Bella with this rhyme: "You from Disney / You used to hang with Miley / ... Me and you can be the next Tyga and Kiley."

But Bella really took offense when the beat stopped and Michael Blackson said "You're not my kind of girl you're too skinny...Me and you together we start a fire." The look on Bella's face showed she wasn't down with that one.

You can watch the full episode at

Photo credit: Mingle Media TV

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