'Becoming a Rap Shark' Viral video

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Shark Week isn't for a while now but with the 'left shark' making headlines the deadly creatures are certainly on a lot of minds. This fantastic video below includes the shark from "Toy Story" releasing it's inner Slim Shady.

(Becoming a Rap Shark Video Below)

For those who missed the Super Bowl this past weekend a lot of talk surrounded the half time show.

Specifically the antics of 'left shark' who clearly had no idea what he or she was doing during the live performance of 'California Gurls.'

(The infamous 'left shark' Video Below)

There is no way that anyone could have predicted that a mascot shark would outshine Katy Perry at her own show, especially considering it was the Super Bowl.

But in the world of social media we live in it didn't take long for the rogue shark to be spotted by millions. It quickly got trending on twitter of course.

On the other hand this video surely does a great job capitalizing on the recent bump in shark popularity if you will. Eminem's song Rap God is a major hit and it truly deserves to be covered by a Toy Story character even if it is just the shark.

Tune in during the month of August for Shark Week on the Discovery Channel.