'Beauty and the Beast' Recap: 'Primal Fear' Season 3 Episode 2, The Miracle Cure

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Even after the happy proposal in the last episode of CW's"Beauty and the Beast," things seem to be getting sticky for our love birds in "Primal Fear," the second episode of the third season.

Now engaged, Vincent and Catherine try to move in together. The two of them follow a new lead in figuring out who's behind theses super-human experiments.

JT worries over being accepted by Tess' brothers and what he's feeling after the accident. However, it might all be disturbed when Heather returns with an announcement that will shock everyone.

Vincent lugs a box into Cat's apartment, one of many since he's become out of breath. Catherine asks Vincent if he thinks they are moving to fast.

He assures her that they aren't but then he gets a text from TJ to check on his serum. Cat suddenly spots Vincent's flat screen TV

Confused and worried about that reaction, Cat talks to Tess about it. She wonders if she's been forcing him into things.

Tess tells her that it'll be okay as long as she doesn't control the situation. Cat denies ever doing that but than Tess reminders that they've just walked to Homeland security so that they can break into Agent Thomas's office.

Catherine riffles through Agent Thomas's office. She starts to download files from his computer when she spots a picture of a possible lead. She snatches the picture just as there is the sound of someone trying to get in.

A mystery man comes in as Cat hides in a different room. He spots the loading bar on the computer and does some strange hand motion. Apparently he's

Back at JT's apartment, Vincent and JT are playing video games.

Vincent JT tells him that the primal part of his brain doesn't want to live the single life.

He has a good point that if he beasts out at the person that helps him not be the beast then what happens? JT unloads his fears about Tess's brothers and the mainly intimidation people they are.

Encouraged by JT's words, Vincent goes home to talk with Cat. He hears the shower running and assumes that it is her.

He starts pulling off his clothes as he walks into the bathroom. He pulls back the curtain...only to find Heather showering in there instead.

JT tries to stall but the guy is not having it. Rushing over to the hospital, Catherine tells them to call Tess but Vincent doesn't want the whole calvary to show up.

Catherine goes off about how he doesn't seem to want to beast. Heather calls and adds fuel to the fire. Vincent finally tells her what his problems is and she swerves harshly so he flies into his window.

Back in the hospital, JT starts to realize how sick Electricity guy is, even as he's prepping the medicine.

JT thinks that Agent Thomas should get the medicine because that's all they have and can save the agent. This idea is not taken well, and he starts to over charge.

After a bursts of electrical power, they lose the guy.

Vincent checks out the power sources and it seems that it was the guys Brian and not any of the circuitry. Vincent tried to track the guy but can't because of the static around him.

Electricity guy goes to visit Agent Thomas. Apparently he's gone to the carrier for medics so that he could stay normal. He wants to know what Agent Thomas

JT is paranoid about how he got three shots in a row the moment he got upset. Rightly so, he thinks it's side effects of the medicine.

Tess try's to tell him it was his own thing. He gets a phone call from The hospital.

With Catherine and Vincent they find the layer of Electricity Guy and find his medical record. He's dying and the tumor is reaching different parts of his brain and acting like a current.

Vincent figures out why the carrier would be killed and that the medics he gave JT was this other guy's. He quickly calls JT but it's not fast enough. JT is already at the hospital, in the villain's hands.

Vincent and Catherine bursts into the hospital as everyone else is evacuating. Upset, Vincent starts to lose control, Catherine quickly brings him back. JT runs into Agent's office and gives him the serum.

That doesn't deter the ill man, though, he reasons that the serum is still in his blood. Vincent wants to go primal but Catherine doesn't trust him. Doesn't matter though because the moment they see JT he loses it.

With JT safe, Catherine goes back to try and stop them from killing each other. She gets them to understand that they are ultimately on the same side.

They both want to know who did it to them and to get them back. They pull back from each other and her words seem to work.

Vincent is back at the hospital where he's prepping the Electricity Guy for surgery. He might make it through. Vincent goes to see Agent Thomas.

He tells him that if Thomas wants Vincent to help him find out the stuff.

Agent Thomas tells him to beware of JT because the serum they gave him is all part of the same experiment. Vincent tries to get clarification but Thomas starts to freak out.

At JT's apartment where he finds out that Tess is better at video games than him. He's still worried that he's got some side effects from the serum. Tess isn't convinced that the serum is doing anything.

She follows it up with saying that she's going to run for captain. Heather finally comes to talk to Catherine.

She does a good job of reassuring her and Heather tells her that she's actually relieved that she's not marrying Mathew.

Catherine is making compromises in the apartment so that they can put some of his stuff up and they make compromises about their relationship.

It's not all rainbows and unicorns though. They soon get a call from Tess saying someone shot Agent Thomas in the head.

"Primal Fear" amps up "Beauty and the Beast's" risk of Vincent's inability to completely control his primal side. It's necessity sometimes but is the lack of control worth letting it go? The show is not being any kinds of subtle that something has changed in JT and now we've just wait until they decided to reveal where and what the change is.

Hopefully, they won't carry that secret out until the end of the season. Re-watch the last two episodes and keep up with happenings on "Beauty and the Beast."

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