'Beauty and the Beast' Recap: 'The Most Dangerous Beast' Season 3 episode 5, Danger is Everywhere

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This week, CW's "Beauty and the Beast" will bring back old enemies and introduce a new character that could be an ally or just a hinderance in "The Most Dangerous Beast," the fifth episode of season three.

With Tess's promotion to captain, Cat gets assigned to a new partner, Detective Wesley Atchison. Tess, herself, is overwhelmed with her new job. Carol and Bob are back.

Cat thinks they're trying to separate her and Vincent in order to capture him more smoothly.

After learning that the cure doesn't work on him, JT comes to learn more about his new abilities. Mostly, that nothing is for free and the price of healing can be a high one.

Cat and Vincent are having coffee at a cafe. He catches her looking into cases still and calls her out on it. She starts to rant but catches herself which is a step up.

Vincent and Cat are going separate ways today and can only talk in the afternoon and late evening. Cat is worried that something might happen. That she won't be able to pull him back.

Tess tries to give her a distraction with a armed robbery and a new partner. She's not a fan of babysitting duty. Tess admits that she needs all the new detectives up to snuff.

Cat agrees. Tess informs her the JT's healing abilities are improving faster than normal. She promises not to bother him.

Not that it works. Cat immediately calls JT about what he's found on them. He tells her that they've been crossing the Brooklyn bridge a lot.

He also informs her that he knows how Bob and Carol's powers work.

The major weakness is that is they can't see they can't use their abilities. JT gets a text from Tess forcing him to hang up and for Cat to work.

Cat and Atchison are on a case but then Cat thinks she sees Carol and runs off. Atchison chases her down, stopping her from fully following Carol.

Turns out that was a good thing. Carol and Bob are luring them apart so that Carol can easily kill Cat. Bob is setting a trap for Vincent when he comes upstate on what's probably not a business trip.

Cat calls Vincent a little early and he thinks that something is wrong with her. She's fine just complaining about her new problem. She slips and says Carol's name.

Vincent calls her out on it, they work through her worry in a quick conversation. Vincent's phone is out of range and they hang up.

Across the street Carol is talking to Bob. They're desperate for their plan to go correctly because if it doesn't they're dead.

Cat investigates the murder that Carol called in. Carol intentionally murdered the man in an obvious way so that Cat would know it was her.

She tries to call Vincent but her phone doesn't go through. He's arrived at his destination but no sooner has he made it to the front door when Bob starts shooting. Now, he believes Cat.

Vincent hears the guy crying for help. Bob let's him know that it's a trap but he decides to go anyway. Cat goes to Tess for help on finding Vincent but she doesn't allow Cat to go any further. JT calls Tess to let her know that he found out where Bob and Carol live.

Tess decides to go with JT to check it out. Back in the forest, Vincent saved the guy only for Bob to kill him.

JT and Tess break into Bob and Carol's house. JT can see in the dark and finds a map that marks the spots where Cat saw Carol and where Vincent went. They try to call but their phones are off.

Cat and Atchkins are out the warehouse where the meth on the dead body was from. Cat realizes it's a trap and tries to get Atchkins to leave her.

As a good partner, he refuses but he's shot in the shoulder. Cat helps him into the car. He drives off and Cat goes in to face off with Carol.

JT's caught up to Vincent's location. He hears Bob's gun going off and runs into the wood. Back in the wearhouse, Cat shoots out the electricity so that Carol can't see.

Now on even footing the two start to fight. Vincent and Bob are playing cat and mouse, each trying to find the other.

In order to distract him by asking him why they killed him if now they want to capture him. Vincent makes a make shift bomb before going primal and throwing it at Bob.

Thinking it blinded him, Vincent goes after Bob but he was only faking and shoots him full of tranquilizers. Tess comes to the rescue of Cat but there's no need.

Cat comes out with Carol restrained. Tess apologizes for not believing as well as filling her in on the rest of Carol and Bob's plan.

JT fearing for the worse calls Tess to tell her that he loves her. Back in the police station, Cat interrogates Carol. She's not giving anything up.

Cat tries to make her a bargain, safety for information. Tess, after receiving JT's message bursts into the room, almost throttling Carol in attempt to get answers. Cat calms her down and hurt her to leave.

JT stands in front of Bob's car with only a log as a weapon. Instead of talking to Bob, JT speaks to Vincent telling him how much JT trusts that Vincent can control himself. Bob runs into JT but when he stops to check him, Vincent breaks out of his chains.

He attacks and kills Bob. When he's going towards JT, he reminds Vincent about Cat's love. Just the thought of her is enough to bring him back.

Phone calls are exchanged to let everyone know that everyone is safe and sound. Cat unknowingly lets Carol know that Bob is dead. Unable to take that he's dead, Carol stops her own heart.

JT thinks he shocked the serum out of his body by getting hit by a car. Tess punches him but also tells her she loves him too. Vincent and Cat have a romantic moment back in the cafe.

"The Most Dangerous Beast" set up a lot of interesting elements that will hopefully be explored more throughout this season of "Beauty and the Beast." JT can't get rid of the abilities that he acquired and now it's probably not the best choice to even use them. But it's not like he can control that.

Tess's new job is putting a strain on her and Cat's friendship. This season is picking up nicely. Watch any missed episodes or new footage online and catch the show on CW at 8pm.

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