'Beauty and the Beast' Recap: 'Cat's Out of the Bag,' season 3 episode 9, Team's Down A Member

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Last week, CW's "Beauty and the Beast" saw the demise of the established bad girl in order to introduce an even stronger villain.

With the destruction of their special day and the possibility of a threat too strong for them, the team isn't in very high spirits in "Cat's Out of the Bag," the ninth episode of the third season.

What was supposed to be a happy event for everyone, ended in horror as Juliana was killed and Liam's introduction meant a swift defeat for Vincent and Cat. It's only natural that Cat has begun to feel helpless in the face of that kind of strength. Heather and Tess try to do all they can to boost her spirits.

However, Tess is still in hot water regarding her job. Good thing, she and JT have rekindled.

After a sleepless night, Vincent and Cat are arguing about what to do next. They now both believe that the other was right all along. Cat doesn't want to look into this in any other way than the police case.

JT can understand Cat's point of view but he doesn't understand why Cat suddenly put the brakes on it. He's believes she'll come around. JT is trying to fix Juliana's serum in case they do

Tess is being grilled by the chief for answers. Cat bursts in and tells the chief about Liam. Tess is baffled about her sudden decision.

She doesn't believe that treating a superhuman like a regular human is not going to work.

Cat thinks he'll be compliant if there's enough people because they don't want to be exposed. There's a sudden call about someone trying to steal Juliana's body.

Cat thinks it's Liam and takes back up over there right away. It's just Vincent. He found out that someone drained all of the blood out of her body.

He wants to get right back out there but Cat is really sticking to the books on this one. She's bringing Vincent in for questioning.

Man, once Cat gets behind something she's really stubborn. There's going to have to be some extreme danger to get her to switch sides again.

Tess confronts Cat about bringing Vincent in for questioning. She says it's just for show, to protect Tess.

While Tess still thinks she's not thinking it through, Cat brings up that they way she's working is better for tricking the chief.

Tess and Vincent talk it out. They agree that Cat was right and that they have to get her back in sync with Vincent.

They pull an intervention on her. Too bad Heather is there. She's on Cat's side but then again she's still new to this supernatural stuff. Vincent is upset that Heather blew their chance to convince Cat to work with them again.

He yells at her and then angrily goes to track Liam. JT follows Heather into a bar to comfort her.

She can't understand why they're so willing to risk their lives. JT gives her the old journal about Rebecca and her beast.

Tess and Cat track down Juliana's first experiment, Zain. Suddenly there are gun shots and Vincent bursts out of the window. They guy shooting him isn't Liam.

Vincent went to the apartment for the same reason Cat did but was too late to help Zain. Vincent goes to the hospital.

Cat is upset when she learns that he lied about how he got hurt. She decides that homeland security should get the base back.

Back in JT's apartment, he's not getting any closer to figuring out the serum. Heather is giving in on her stance that Cat is doing the right thing. JT decides that the best way to convince her is to talk to Cat's dad. Cat is coming clean to the chief, in order to get him to give the case away.

He agrees. Like that will change anything. As JT said, they've been following the same path from 200 years ago. Destiny's not gonna let you go that easy.

Homeland security is confused as to why his agents contacted them, however they are willing to take over the case. It all seems a little too easy. Cat feels happy about it but Tess still doesn't think that was the right move.

Heather is talking to Cat's father. He tells her that if Cat quits than she's more likely to die. Bet that's got her singing to a new tune.

Vincent catches sight of the shooter. He follows him into a nice home. Altman is laying on the ground getting his blood sucked out. Vincent get the guy to leave and starts to save the guy.

They figure that Liam is now just going after anyone that was in contact with the serum. That means they're coming for JT. They call just in time to give them a couple second heads up before a shower of bullets rains in on them. Guess Heather's going to have to believe in it now.

Heather and JT try to get to the vault but all that gun fire seems a little excessive. JT distracts them with some on the faulty serum and are able to get in. Cat is starting to realize that she can't run away from this. Luckily, JT has guns and security system in his vault.

Just in time to notice them putting bombs on the door. Never fear, Vincent is here.

He takes most of the bad guys, except one that creeps up on him. Of course, Cat and Tess have arrived just in time to take him out. Everyone's safe and sound...for now.

The police have shown up. Homeland is now suspicious of them because he doesn't see the connection to JT. Cat goes out to talk to Heather. She comes clean about visiting prison.

She tells Cat that solving this is her path, she can't get out of it. Tess confronts JT because he seems troubled. He now thinks that perhaps he's not as cured as he thought he was.

Oh my god, now they've switched sides again. Or perhaps not. They both agree that they want it to end but they need help doing it. As of the end of this episode they've decided to both go after Liam.

"Cat's Out of the Bag," was an interesting set up for CW's "Beauty And The Best." With Cat acting like she was finished with all beast related activities. Yet, she was still in full force behind the police investigation.

Her and Vincent's relationship took a few steps backwards in the process and it seems like they're slowly beginning to trade stances on these issues. To see more strains on their relationship tune in Thursdays at 8pm.

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