'Beauty And The Beast' Recap: 'The Beast of Wall Street' Season 3 Episode 1, Primal Instincts Take Over

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The CW's "Beauty and the Beast" season premiere with Catherine and Vincent getting pretty cozy.

In "The Beast of Wall Street," the first episode of season three, Vincent has a little trouble keeping his primal part of his brain under control.

The season three premiere features Vincent as he thinks about asking Catherine to marry him. Catherine becomes distracted by an unusual case involving a superhuman rampage.

This makes proposing to her very difficult for Vincent among a few other difficulties that arise. Tess suspects that JT has a mental block to recovery because he doesn't understand how he's still alive after last season's gruesome attack.

The new season kicks off with Vincent running for his life as Catherine follows along in her car. It looks like they were racing to see each other and Vincent ended up being the late one.

They greet each other in quite the sultry manner showing that they are in a really good place.

Morning comes and the alarm clock wakes Vincent up and eventually both of them are up and going about their morning normally. This is almost too good to be true right now.

Catherine presents Vincent with a stethoscope for his first day back on the job as a doctor. He assures her to not to worry about agent Thomas' offer to Vincent. He tells her that they have each other and they have a future and she doesn't need to worry.

They are such an awesome couple and seeing them normal makes it hard to think that anything can get in the way of them right now.

JT is back to his job as a professor and he's extremely sweaty and nervous. He fumbles over his notes and then apologizes before running out.

Tess tries to calm JT down over the phone and she talks him into lunch. Meanwhile, Cat is arguing with Agent Thomas over the phone and it looks like she is keeping something away from Vincent. Tess tells Cat that there is something holding JT and she looks pretty worried about him.

Catherine says she misses being a part of something important and that's why she's working with the DHS agents. Cat says that there is still a piece missing.

She meets with agent Thomas and Barnett who are upset that she still doesn't want to let Vincent in.

They show her footage of super-humans all over the city and they tell her that someone is experimenting on people all over. The pattern is increasing and more people are being targeted. They ask for her help as well as Vincent's help.

Cat says she needs more proof because she cares about saving his life more than anyone else. Meanwhile, Vincent pays JT a visit before he heads off to work.

He asks him for the box with his mother's belongings and JT evades a question about his first day back.

JT asks Vincent what he wants with the box and he responds by saying he is looking for his mom's engagement ring to ask Catherine to marry him.

Catherine is looking at wedding dresses with her Heather and she is still overwhelmed by Vincent's secret. Catherine warns her that she has to keep it a secret from her fiance.

She receives a message from agent Thomas and and has to skip out on the dress shopping.

Vincent arrives at work and he's thrown right into work.

He asks the nurse if work finishes on time because he's going to propose to his girlfriend and she tells him not to do it because no one who works there stays married long.

JT is having a very tough time dealing with the fact that he's supposed to be dead. Tess is forced to give him a little tough love and tells him that she's done helping. He has to figure out his life.

Catherine meets the DHS agents who are investigating a Wall Street broker who exhibited aggressive behavior. Outside of the building Tyler, the broker, is hanging from the building proving that the DHS agents are right about the super-humans.

Cat now has the proof she needs and before she can think, she and the DHS agents are attacked with agent Thomas taking the brunt of it all.

As Vincent tries to get ready for his dinner and proposal but gets a call from work. As he heads out Catherine calls him and before he could finish explaining why they needed to push dinner back she says she thinks she is the emergency. Vincent arrives at the hospital and Cat quickly apologizes. He notices that agent Thomas is with her and asks her to explain what's going on.

Agent Barnett is dead and Cat tells him that they were attacked by something she's never seen before. She says she was trying to protect Vincent and just them agent Thomas goes into cardiac arrest.

He uses his powers to diagnose agent Thomas and Catherine fills him in following the diagnosis.

Vincent is completely upset that Catherine dragged them back into it all of the super-human fighting. She says she loves where they are at but there is a reason they keep getting pulled back in.

Vincent asks her when they get to be normally because if he crosses the line too far he risks losing all that they've managed to achieve.

JT asks how the proposal went but Vincent plops the ring down on the table and tells him he didn't ask.

Catherina goes over footage at the office and is briefly interrupted by Heather. She tries to explain everything to Heather but finds it kind of difficult.

She says she doesn't know what to do because Vincent wants a normal life but she can't just walk away from the beast cases.

Catherine wants to be a savior but Heather tells her that she can't make the decision on her own. Both she and Vincent need to talk it out and find out what the next step is.

JT continuously pounds on Vincent's door and despite him telling JT he doesn't want a pep talk, he gets one anyway. Vincent tells JT that he and Catherine aren't seeing eye to eye and that she's working with the DHS agents. He frustrated with Cat's decision but JT ends up taking Catherine's side.

He tells Vincent that he's not normally, he's a beast and it's become much more than that. He is able to do good and there is still something bigger that he's a part of.

JT convinces Vincent to get back out there and solve the case.

Vincent tries to pay agent Thomas a visit and finds Tyler attacking him in his room. Tyler jumps out of the window and agent Thomas tells him if he doesn't stop this no one will. After calling for the nurse, Vincent jumps out and begins chasing Tyler.

When Catherine sees him and tries to stop him he just keeps it moving. Catherine and Tess try to find Vincent to stop stop him from getting killed or killing Tyler and crossing the edge.

Vincent continues to follow Tyler's trail and tracks him to the top of a building where he is planting a bomb.

The two begin an action packed fight but Tyler is winning because Vincent isn't at his strongest level. Tess locates Tyler and Vincent and alerts Catherine to hurry to the roof. Cat tries to stop Vincent from killing Tyler by telling him that he is innocent. Cat says she doesn't want to lose each other or what they've built.

She manages to talk him down and breathes a sigh of relief. Cat walks in on Vincent working out and asks if he wants her to leave.

He says no but he doesn't know what he wants anymore. He catches his words and assures her that he wants her.

Cat says Tyler is alive thanks to him but Vincent tells her it was actually her who stopped Vincent from killing him. Catherine tells him that the people who are experimenting on the innocent people aren't going to stop. She tells him that they are going to use New York as their own personal petri dish. She also makes sure to tell Vincent that she loves him and she believes they can have both lives. Tess checks in on JT and tells him she needs a drink.

He asks what happened and she tells him about the whole beast hunt. She notices that JT isn't using the cane anymore and he's making strides to getting over his state.

He tells her that he heard her and found his reason for sticking around. He's the Robin to Vincent's Batman.

JT then takes Tess' hand and the two head out into the city. Catherine is sitting alone in her roof garden and is surprised to see Vincent. She asks him if he's okay and he says his head is sill spinning because it's been a rough couple of days.

He admits that Catherine is right when she says they can't have a normal life. While he thinks that he's in it alone, Catherine tells him that he's not in it alone.

He says without their love he would be lost and takes her hand to help her off the ledge. He drops down on one knee and asks her if she'll marry him and she says yes!

They are the happiest that fans might have ever seen them as they kiss under the city and roof lights.

"The Beast of Wall Street" continues to build upon "Beauty and the Beasts'" ability to develop the budding relationship between Tess and JT while dealing with the complications of Cat and Vincent's woes.

As Vincent continues to struggle with keeping his primal side at bay, it will be interesting to see how that continues to effect him throughout the season.

Fans who can't wait until next week to find out what happens on "Beauty and the Beast" can keep up with all the happenings on the show's official main page.

Photos from tonight's episode.

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