Be School Ready With YouTuber Grace Helbig's 'DIY Clothes + Accessories + Room Decor'

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It's that time of year again when those who have to are heading back to school.

Which means you might want some new clothes and accessories to take on the new school year. Grace Helbig has the solution for saving money and still being trendy this fall.

(Video Below)

In her new video, Helbig attempts to demonstrate how to make some of the latest fashion trend on you own. She announces at the beginning that she's seen other people doing it and thought it's be fun.

Which might be why she takes on a little bit of a valley girl persona. Regardless, Helbig starts by listing out all the things you will need. It's not an extensive list.

Helbig goes through three slightly convoluted explanations for different items. First is making cool prints on you shirts and those new trend shirts with the little picture poking out of the pocket.

Then she goes over the how-to's of getting that hobo chic holes in your shirt look.

Finally, she jazzes up a plain bag and a pillow, for all of those that will be living in dorms. Helbig definitely makes the DIY trend her own, mostly with addition of a lot of middle fingers.


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