BBC Earth Video Shows 'How Hydrotherapy Helps Dogs': Awesome Underwater Slo-Mos

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In a recent video posted by the BBC Earth Unplugged YouTube channel, dogs are put through hydrotherapy in order to strengthen their muscles and aids in their rehabilitation from accidents or injuries.

(Video Below)

Dog lovers can rejoice with the BBC Video that shows a number of dogs going through hydrotherapy and performing various exercises in order to help build their muscles.

"You're going to see how they move in the water," said Angela Griffiths one of the trainers involved in the video.

"They are going to have to work hard so it's like going to the gym and working out against weights. So it helps us to grow muscles and increase their core strength."

The pool that the dogs move in is heated to increase the blood flow and make it easier on the dogs limbs while releasing pain to help them move more freely. Along with some pretty awesome information on hydrotherapy for dogs, there are awesome images of these animals as they move through the water.

They all seem happy and eager to get some exercise making it a joy for any animal lover to watch.

Check out the video below.