Batman Rides Through Japan, 'Chibatman' Mimics Gotham's Savior

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Earlier this week videos and images have surfaced of a very good copycat of Batman riding through the streets of Chiba, Japan.

"Chiba, on the other hand, an actual place (it's a prefecture of Japan, east of Tokyo) that's home to a would-be superhero (also real), whom the press and onlookers have dubbed "Chibatman" -- and who looks very much like the real (which is to say, fake) thing," says

The Dark Knight is seen riding through the street in a three wheeled custom built motorcycle. This would surely cause accident's in the U.S. if it were to ever happen, as people would break their necks trying to see if they are going crazy.

"Unlike the bedraggled variety of superheroes that loiter in Times Square, there have been no reports of Chibatman engaging in fisticuffs with other masked characters," says the article.

"On the other hand, unlike the real Batman, there have been several pictures posted where he's seen waiting patiently (like any good citizen) in traffic."

See Batman riding his motorcycle below.

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