Batman Lightsaber Battling Darth Vader Is As Epic As It Sounds

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A new installment of Super Power Beat Down has premiered on Youtube, and it features Batman in a lightsaber duel with Darth Vader. If you are wondering if that is as awesome as it sounds, it is.

Beat Down answers the question that all comic fans have: who would beat whom in a fight? Well, with real time action and impressive directing, Beat Down tries to resolve these questions once and for all.

Batman is on a quest to rescue Superman, who has been captured by Darth Vader. The cyborg Sith Lord senses the Dark Knight's presence and goes to put a stop to his mission.

The battle is not easily won, but Vader ends up beating Batman--making this his second win in Beat Down.

This goes against the credo that many Bruce Wayne fans claim to be true; they say that Batman could beat any opponent with enough prep time.

Well, either Wayne didn't prepare enough, or the creators of Beat Down believe that Vader's unprecedented level of midichlorians would be too much for a superhero with no supernatural powers.

Vader beat Gandalf the Gray in a previous video--besting the wizard even after he shape-shifted into Vader's pre-dark side form. He came to Middle Earth in search of the One Ring.

Since he beat Gandalf, you can assume that he found the ring, which would make him some terrifying combination of a Sith and a fallen deity in the mind of some comic book enthusiast.

If you want to watch more Super Power Beat Down episodes, visit their Youtube channel here.

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