Batista And Roman Reigns Return To The WWE

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The road to WrestleMania 35 is heating up thanks to two big returns this week on Monday Night Raw.

Batista has come back from Hollywood to set up a future match with his former mentor Triple H. That's not all because Roman Reigns is also back too!

A few months ago, Roman Reigns left the WWE temporarily to get treatment for his second bout of leukemia.

Well Reigns came back on Raw to tell the audience that the cancer is in remission. This basically means he's cancer free (for now) and that he's back in the WWE for the time being.

It's unknown at this stage if Roman Reigns is able to wrestle a match at WrestleMania 35, although he already got physical on Monday performing a spear on Drew McIntyre.

It's possible Reigns will have a match at WrestleMania though to please the crowd.

Reigns' positive announcement caused Raw ratings to go up this week and it's likely viewership for the show will continue to increase as we head closer and closer to WrestleMania 35 in April.

Roman Reigns wasn't the only big return this week because Batista also came back to the WWE after a four year absence.

Batista came back to beat up Ric Flair on his birthday in order to set up a match with Triple H.

Batista's match with Triple H could be his retirement match since he's been wanting this opportunity for many years now. The match has not been officially announced yet, but this is the general direction that the WWE is going towards.

It was also Batista's own idea to come back to WWE as a heel because his last run as a babyface was unsuccessful.

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