Bat For Lashes Releases 'Joe's Dream' Off The Bride Album

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With Bat For Lashes upcoming album The Bride less than a month away from its release, the one woman band featuring singer-songwriter Natasha Khan released its fourth single "Joe's Dream."

Bat For Lashes is known for haunting songs that appeal to your emotions and paint both stirring and impressive images in your mind.

The latest single "Joe's Dream" is a direct example of what listeners love the most about Bat For Lashes. The song looks to tease more big things to come from Khan and Bat For Lashes on The Bride.

There are pieces of Fur and Gold, Two Suns and The Haunted Man all in "Joe's Dream." There is that undeniably haunting sound mixed with a story that is melancholic and sad.

The breathy undertone of Khan singing, "to say goodbye" really works itself into the mix quite elegantly.

The Bride is scheduled to be released on July 1. Along with "Joe's Dream," Bat For Lashes has release three additional singles, "In God's House," "Sunday Love" and "I Do." You can listen to "Joe's Dream" in the YouTube video below.

Listen to "Joe's Dream" By Bat For Lashes