Barbados 'Q In The Community' Features The Worst 'All Of Me' John Legend Cover

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A Barbados radio station Q100.7 FM's Facebook page has managed to post one of the worst covers of John Legend's "All Of Me" by a woman who clearly tried her hardest, may be too hard.

(Watch The Video Below)

The video was posted to where it now has over 175,000 views and counting. WSHH titled their video "WTF Clip Of The Week: Taylor Swift Impersonator Sends Audience To Tears In A Cruise!" To clarify it was surely not tears of joy.

The woman was wearing an extremely low-cut dress and moving in very awkward motions. Someone may have had a little too much rum punch on the island that day.

She began singing and immediately you can tell that this is not going to go well. As the song continued things just got worst. She may have given it all of her but it was just simply horrible.

The song ended and the crowd around her clapped reluctantly with looks as if hey couldn't believe what had just happened.

It was pretty brutal and the fact that the song was completed in its entirety was pretty depressing as well. If you need a good laugh don't hesitate to check out the video below.

Watch The Butcher Session Below