Banjo Lonnie from Deliverance & Lance Armstrong

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This morning I woke up to an email from a friend that said there was a site called Cheezburger stealing my ideas.

Or Totally Looks Like.
It doesn't even have a clear recognizable name.

That's everything you need to know about it.
Just type in Cheezburger and Look alike and you'll see some stupid shit.
It looks like Walt Jr.

challenging Usain Bolt to a 100 yard dash.
Or even a brisk walk.
Why are you putting your fingers in the cage son?

This was my first truly revolutionary, artistic doppelganger.
I changed the entire game with this one.
The way people thought about doppelgangers. The way people looked at doppelgangers. It all changed.
Because me.
This was a very proud moment.

Well that site stole my original two images and I have full confidence that all their loved ones will hopefully die of leukemia for that.
Maybe you can think about what you did while you're in the ICU saying goodbye to your sick pap!!!

Anyway, the thing about stealing is that you can steal my ideas but you can't steal my brain.
My brain is like the mama alien In the movie Aliens.

My ideas are just the face huggers.
Great shooting Corporal Hicks, all you did was shoot a baby face hugger and make mama alien mad!

So I went back to my old work from three years ago.

I started at 9 am and here it is 4:30 pm and I am finally finished.
While I can't say that thinking about these two ugly, squinty-eyed virgins again has been fun.
I can say it's certainly been worthwhile.
You are now witnessing Picasso.
James Dean.
In the flesh.
Soak this shit in.