Bad Teen Driver Confronted by Resident & Threatens to Call 911

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The confrontation in the video below is a concerned parent who tries to confront a bad teen driver about his reckless driving but the reaction from the teen is pretty uncalled for.

(Video Below)

If you are a parent of a younger child who crosses intersections without crossing guards it can be nerve-racking. Especially for parents who aren't able to pick their kids up from school.

The road isn't the safest place for children to be crossing but it could be a lot easier if drivers obey the rules.

Often times there are younger drivers who don't have much regard for the laws and they could be dangerous to themselves, little kids and anyone in the vicinity. The video below surfaced on Reddit and is slowly going viral.

The video below was posted to the sfn w top YouTube Channel and shows a resident who is concerned for the safety of his children. He was upset at the teen who constantly blows through stop signs, according to the man holding his cellphone camera.

He had already been recording the car filled with teens as they drove by. He claimed that the teens had been warned numerous times by parents and school officials. This time he planned on sharing the footage with the police.

The teen countered by saying it is unlawful to record someone and later on claimed that he was being molested and that he would be calling 911.

His reaction was pretty excessive and did show a bit of a lack in maturity. You can check out the entire video below.

Check out the video of the resident confronting the teen driver below.