'Awkward' Recap, S4 E12: Jenna struggles in and out of school

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On tonight's all new episode of MTV's "Awkard" Jenna struggled to focus on her finals after the drama that happened on the senior ski trip, but the consequences of the discoveries threaten her chances.

It is revealed that there has been a pregnancy outbreak in the school, but mainly it is Eva, aka Amber, that is being talked about by everyone in school. Matty refuses to leave Eva, whether or not her pregnancy is actually real or not.

She tells him that she is now thinking about their future and he agrees, bringing up the idea of engagement. Jenna learns of Matty and Amber's marriage plans, and upon confronting him, says she is done with their friendship.

Jenna again tries to focus on her studies, but again she is sidetracked by her feelings for Lucas.

When she thinks they are going to get back together, he tells her, ironically, that he needs to focus more on his schoolwork and can't afford distractions.

Again Jenna feels confident and ready for finals, but is sidetracked by Amber's mean comments about matters of personal life. Matty reveals to Amber that he knows Gloria is pregnant and that he is onto her scheme to keep them together.

She denies everything, but he threatens her to leave school and town before he reveals everything to everyone.

The end of the episode Matty and Jenna make up as friends, which will be interesting to see if it remains just that for the rest of the season.

The next episode of "Awkard" airs Tuesday Sept. 30th at 10 p.m. on MTV.