Most Satisfying 'Flash vs. Arrow' Part 1 Fan Reactions on Twitter

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The full-fledged crossover two-part episode series between The Flash and Arrow had fans turning into fanatics.

Part one of the duel episodes (heh heh, see what I did there?) was wholly satisfying for diehard followers of both The Flash and Arrow, and those who took their voices to Twitter had nearly no complaints.

A first in Internet history, I think.

While many reviewers were quick to point out the minor flaws in tone and plot, when approaching the episode from a fan perspective, it proves to fulfill all the dreams.

Ryan McGee at Screen Crush contributed a review of the episode, stating, "I don't know if this was the "best" episode of 'The Flash,' whatever that word really means, but it was almost certainly the most entertaining."

As of writing, we're waiting in limbo between the phenomenal kick off episode and the part two conclusion. Part two will air tonight, December 3, on The CW.

Here's some of the most thrilled reactions found on the Twitter feeds. WARNING: May include some spoilers.