AURORA's 'I Went To Far' Music Video is Magical

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There is something majestic about AURORA's music and it translates into some pretty magical and mystical visuals. Her latest visual for "I Went Too Far" is one of the best music videos she has produced thus far.

The music plays as AURORA climbs a seemingly endless ladder in the middle of an endless body of water.

Then, in the "I Went Too Far" music video, her opposite side is shown in a mountainous/moss covered area where, again, another ladder awaits her.

Eventually they both begin climbing in opposite directions but she still remains trapped in the depts of a mountain opening.

The lyrics that best describe the music video would be "I try to reach for another soul, so I can feel whole." It seems as if she is continuing to reach for greater heights but she only ends up in the same position she was before.

"We shouldn't be crawling on our knees to be recognized, loved, and accepted, because that is no good love," AURORA told WMagazine for the video's premiere.

"We have to learn to be kind to ourselves and then demand to be treated kindly."

AURORA's album All My Demons Greeting Me as a Friend was a wondrous debut and she now has a growing fanbase. You can watch AURORA's "I Went Too Far" music video below.

AURORA "I Went Too Far" Music Video