'Atlanta Exes' Season Finale Recap: Tameka vs. Sheree

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On tonight's season finale of "Atlanta Exes" Tameka presided over a 5k in honor of her late son while Sheree was failed to show up in the wake of recent drama.

The man who killed Tameka's (@TamekaRaymond) son in the jet ski accident was convicted for multiple crimes however she still was searching closure. She hosted a 5k race in her son, Kyle's name, and Christina (@Innerpiece), Torrei, and Monyetta all showed up to help Tameka and her cause.

The race proved to be a great success for everyone, and Tameka came one step closer to opening a school in Kyle's name. To no surprise, Tameka was a no show at her important event.

Tameka's life falling apart has made her take out her frustration the other exes, especially Sheree (@Shebuchanan), who has taken it poorly and doesn't know if she wants to rekindle her relationship.

The two met to talk about Tameka's personality and behavior, which of course led to more arguments.

Sheree planned a party for her and her daughter, Destiny's, birthdays, and of course she debated whether or not to invite Tameka. Of course Tameka made her appearance at the party, and of course the tension was flaring from the get-go.

People flared up and argued while Tameka stood off to the side, and eventually she left not being able to deal with the drama, which is ironic because she caused some of it.

Sheree took her frustration out on the other girls, and accused Tameka for being the heart of all the drama.

Torrei (@Torrei_Hart) came to Atlanta to focus on her career, and she is struggling with her life away from children, who Kevin Hart has. She hates missing out on the big moments, for example tonight she missed out on her daughter's dance recital.

Christina's career is blossoming as well, with Torrei fully supporting her along the way. Monyetta (@MonyettaShaw), meanwhile, has seemed to taken positive steps towards overcoming her split with Ne-Yo.