'Arrow' Stars Colton Haynes And Stephen Amell Tease Emotional Goodbye Episode To A Character

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Much speculation is circulating after Stephen Amell took to Twitter and Facebook to speak about shooting the most emotional episode of "Arrow" and saying goodbye.

However, Amell wasn't the only one Colton Haynes who plays "Arsenal" also voiced how emotional the shoot was as well.

Amell, who plays Oliver Queen on "Arrow" released two statements, the first a Facebook post that read, "Putting the finishing touches on our 65th episode tonight. It features one of the most emotional, touching and heartfelt scenes we've ever produced.

Everyone was equal to the task. Long day, but a good one."

He then followed his Facebook post up with a Twitter post reading, "Sometimes real feelings creep into a scene, Goodbyes are tough.

Even when they're scripted." Judging from the effect the shoot had on Amell, it's safe to speculate that one of the early characters may be departing the show.

What made things more interesting is the fact that Colton Haynes seems to be the only star to make a statement just a few hours after Amell, regarding the emotion night they had shooting the episode.

Other stars seem to be keeping quiet about the episode that is titled, "Broken Arrow," according to BleedingCool. This could be out of pure tactics as to not spoil the departure of the character for fans.

The social media signs may point to Haynes whose character "Arsenal" is the only other bow and arrow wielding character.

That being said, the last time Oliver was seen is in the company of Diggle (David Ramsey), as they were both captured by Ra's Al Ghul in "Nanda Parbat."

The mystery will continue until "Broken Arrow" airs towards the end of the season. New episodes of the CW's "Arrow" will resume on March 18.