'Arrow' Star Stephen Amell Has Become A Wrestling Badass

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When the initial feud between WWE superstar Stardust (Cody Rhodes) and "Arrow" star Stephen Amell began, no one realized that it would be taken all the way to SummerSlam where he'll be participating in a tag team matchup.

The Pay-Per-View event is the result of a pretty amazing story line between Stardust and Amell who plays the Green Arrow on the CW TV's hit show. Things began as a little Twitter war and then spiraled into appearances by Amell, who is actually a big wrestling fan, on WWW Raw. Last week things got even crazier when Amell was mushed in the face by Stardust as a spectator on the August 10 airing of Monday Night Raw.

Amell got into "Arrow" mode, hopped the barrier and hopped right over the ropes. He and Stardust clashed which led to Amell spearing Stardust and unloading some punches.

It's almost Sunday.

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Posted by Stephen Amell on Monday, August 17, 2015

The attack angered Triple H (Paul Michael Levesque), who has taken the reigns on Raw. H was ready to have Amell thrown out after admonishing him for entering the ring in the first place.

Amell was adamant that he wanted a match against Stardust and after some persuasion, Triple H set a SummerSlam tag team match of Stephen Amell and WWE superstar Neville v.s. Wade Barrett and Stardust.

In the meantime, Amell is concentrating on his entrance music. He recently tweeted the Toronto Blue Jays Always Coca Cola commercial from 1993, when the Jays became back to back World Series champions. Rapper Drake, also a Toronto native, recently used the Blue Jays success as the basis for his "Back 2 Back" diss track towards Meek Mill.

Toronto natives don't seem to be laying down anymore. It will be interesting to see if Amell and Neville will be able to claim the victory and whether Amell will do so as the Green Arrow.

SummerSlam is scheduled for Sunday August 23 and will be hosted by Jon Stewart.