'Arrow' S3 Premiere: A New Villain Emerges

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On tonight's third season premiere of "Arrow" Oliver must face a new villain just as he is beginning to balance his public and vigilante lives.

Season three opened up with Arrow taking down another one of Starling City's most wanted criminals. Everyone's lives seems to be blossoming all at the same time. Oliver and Felicity are connecting well and seem to be close to a relationship, and Diggle and his ex-wife are expecing baby girl.

Laurel and her father both make improvements with their careers. Laurel and Oliver became business partners, while Lance promised to use his new promotion within the police department to disband the task force in charge of capturing Arrow.

All of this comes at an inconvenient time, however, as new villain Vertigo has now entered the picture. and vows to kill Arrow.

Oliver and Felicity are seemingly closing in on a relationship. Felicity got a part-time job at a tech company to make ends meet, however her assisting in Arrow's work continuously gets in the way. Their first date proved to be more emotional than they expected, and he revealed to her the truth that he was in Hong Kong. Their date was cut short, however by Vertigo and his crew sending an RPG into the restaurant.

Felicity was knocked unconscious, and back at his lab Arrow claims that the take down of RPGs at the beginning of the season was a set up so they could track him by planting a device on him. Arrow and Vertigo finally met, and Vertigo used his hallucinogenic potions to throw off Arrow before the two engaged in a fist fight.

Lance arrived on scene and was shot by Vertigo, but quickly after that Vertigo was then shot with an arrow by Roy. Oliver ordered Roy to gather intel and figure out where and when Vertigo plans to attack again.

Roy and Oliver suited up again, and while Diggle tried to join them in their fight against Vertigo Oliver would not allow him because of his daughter. Vertigo's men met a boxing match with lots of fans in attendance and Vertigo planted a bomb with a 5-minute timer in the building.

Vertigo and Arrow again met for battle, however this time he was not effected by the hallucinogenic formulas by Vertigo.

While they fought Roy did his best to disarm the bomb with the help of Felicity.

With the help of Sara Lance, Arrow shoots Vertigo with an arrow, and while slipping from life Vertigo says that there will always be a Vertigo no matter what Arrow does.

Oliver's flashbacks continue and it is revealed that not only did he spend time on the island but was also in Hong Kong for some time. He continuously tried to escape away from some people in Hong Kong who were holding him because his special abilities. He learned from them that it is impossible for a man to have two names, hence the underlying issue of being Oliver versus being Arrow.

This obviously gets in the way of him and Felicity, and they may never be able to be together. Oliver also learned that his attempts to get back his company would be harder than expected.

Not only did another man want to buy his company, but he also wanted to steal Felicity away from Oliver.

The episode concludes with Barry Allen, aka The Flash, contacting Oliver for help.

Sara, meanwhile, is on her way away from the fight and is shot by three arrows from an unknown shooter and falls off the building, landing in front of Laurel.

The next episode of "Arrow" airs Wednesday, Oct. 15th at 8 p.m. on The CW.