'Arrow' Recap: 'This Is Your Sword' Season 3 Episode 22, Oliver's New Info On The Alpha Omega

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Last week on "Arrow" Oliver paid his friends in Starling City a visit. This week on "This Is Your Sword," episode 22 of the third season, Oliver will learn how Ra's Al Ghul was able to get the Alpha Omega bio-weapon.

Oliver is completing his training as Al Sah-him but has to take some huge final steps into becoming Ra's Al Ghul. Last week viewers and fans were thrown a plot twist when Ra's Al Ghul insisted that Nyssa and Oliver get married. Things got even more intense when Oliver was given the Alpha Omega bio-weapon and told that he would have to use it on Starling City to finalize his role as the next Ra's Al Ghu.

Ra's threatens Nyssa who is reluctant to wed Oliver and he also reveals where he got the Alpha Omega bio-weapon came from.

Malcolm tries to help Felicity, Diggle and Laurel and makes them an offer they almost can't refuse. Thea manages to find Roy who she hopes can give her some perspective on all that is going on with her brother.

The action begins with a flashback showing devastation after the Alpha Omega bio-weapon was released the first time. Oliver and Tatsu are scouring the entire city as Akio's condition gets worst.

As Ra's Al Ghul gives Oliver a speech he walks over to Maseo and thanks him for giving him the Alpha Omega.

Oliver is immediately surprised and turns around in shock, however, when Ra's Al Ghul gives him the orders to return to Starling City and destroy it, he simply nods in agreement.

Diggle and the Black Canary are busy fighting a group of thugs taking over where Oliver left off. Something is a little off with Diggle. When he catches one of the thugs he continues to punch him even after he's out. Felicity takes notice of Diggle and tells him he was out of control tonight.

Diggle is angry because Oliver was his best friend and betrayed him by kidnapping his wife. Felicity tells Diggle that he can't take his frustration out on everyone.

Laurel seems to be siding with Diggle but Felicity argues that that's not the real Oliver, it's someone else.

Thea is packing to go see Roy and Malcolm warns her that Roy can't come back after faking his death. She tells Malcolm that she wishes she died instead of her brother being turning into the next Ghul. Malcolm agrees that she needs time away and doesn't fight her anymore.

Meanwhile in Nanda Parbat, Oliver, Ghul and Nyssa have a family dinner but she is reluctant to marry Oliver, yet baring his child. Oliver asks to excuse himself so he can clear his mind and refuses any help from the guards.

Outside, Malcolm is caught by Oliver who tells him he's late. Now it looks like Oliver is trusting Malcolm to help him out of his situation.

Oliver tells Malcolm that Ghul wants to transfer the bio-weapon the next day and he's worried they need more time. He says they need more help and he says there is someone who they could trust. Meanwhile Maseo walks up and Malcolm apparently disappeared.

In a flashback Oliver remembers watching Tatsu sing to Akio as he fades away.

Maseo goes mad when he sees his son in that state and is frantic for a cure. Oliver decides to help him go after it if it does exist.

Thea meets with Roy who is under the alias of Jason. The introduction is a bit corny but the meeting of the two is refreshing. Roy tells Thea that he had to fake his death for Oliver and she asks to go talk somewhere less greasy.

Back at Palmer industries, Ray is hard at work on his Atom suit when Felicity walks in. Felicity tells him that she's been dealing with something and he offers his ear but she declines.

Ray asks her to sign some documents that he says is just corporate stuff. When she gets a call from Malcolm, Felicity departs and Ray has a strange smile on his face.

Meanwhile, Oliver is busy finding out how Maseo got the Alpha Omega bio-weapon. Maseo doesn't feel strong enough to go back to Tatsu and though Oliver offers him freedom when he becomes Ra's, Maseo says his prison is inescapable.

Malcolm gathers the team and tells them that Oliver's allegiance with the league is a facade. They immediately try to leave out of sheer disbelief. Malcolm gets them to change their mind by bringing in Tatsu.

Tonight's episode is bringing together one of the strangest teams but if any team can help Oliver out of the trap he's in it's this one. Tatsu tells the team that her life has been one of isolation. She also tells them that Akio was killed by the virus that threatens their city.

Oliver is the one that put Tatsu up to the request and Malcolm tells them that he has made preparations for all of them. They either go with him or not.

Thea and Roy are back at his place and he admits to being very bored without having crime to fight. Thea comes to the rescue with his Arsenal suit and well some serious passion between the two young lovers ensues.

Felicity, Laurel and Diggle are in disbelief after everything they've seen. Diggle says that he is in, so does Laurel but Felicity can't see herself going back to Nanda Parbat. Ghul approaches Nyssa to tell her a story of her mother whom he was completely taken with upon meeting.

Ghul presented Nyssa with the jewels that her mother passed down. Nyssa is still defiant and Ghul threatens her the pain of a thousands deaths if she does not give in.

Tatsu walks in on Felicity and tells her that she has come to speak to her about Oliver. She says that during his recuperation he spoke of Felicity.

Felicity says she doesn't recognize the man Oliver is now but Tatsu urges her not to make the same mistake she made when she didn't to reach Maseo.

In the flashback, Maseo asks Oliver to unleash the killer inside so they can get the cure for Akio and they begin taking out guards.

The team assembles including Felicity and she threatens Malcolm to expose him to the world if he betrays them.

Malcolm and his team arrives and they are already being ambushed by the League. Malcolm, Laurel, Tatsu and Diggle unleash all hell on the League. Tatsu has to square off with Maseo after giving him one last chance to go home to her. He tells her that Maseo is dead and a huge battle between husband and wife commences.

Felicity fails to destroy the jet it takes off. However, the Atom comes in to save the day.

He ends up destroying the plane and crash landing but appears to be fine.

Tatsu looks to be defeated by Maseo who instructs her to tell Akio that he loves him, however, she counters by killing her husband.

He thanks her for releasing him from his prison and it's pretty emotional to hear her sing the same song she sang to her son when he was dying.

Oliver and Ghul meet the team and when Felicity thinks they've destroyed the plane carrying the weapon, they learned that it was all a ploy. Oliver looks at his friends and tells them they need to surrender or die.

In one scene "Arrow" writers were able to gather emotion, action and betrayal. It's really making this episode the roller coaster ride that refuses to let up.

Oliver leads his team and tells them if any of them speak their all going to die including him. They come to the front of Ghul who questions them as to how they knew of the virus and the plane.

Tatsu says that Maseo told her and she alerted the crew.

Oliver has to play along with Ghul so when his name is spoken, and says that Oliver Queen is dead. The bomb is dropped that Oliver is to marry Nyssa and it stuns everyone, mostly Felicity.

Roy asks Thea what's the real reason behind the visit. She informs him that Oliver has to join the League despite how much she tried to stop him. Roy tells her that she can't run away from the problem and that he wants whats best for her.

Felicity is still in shock at the fact that Oliver has to marry Nyssa. Just then Diggle is summoned by Oliver allegedly to discuss the plan that is taking place.

Diggle is pissed off that Oliver went to the heights that he went to in order to convince Ghul.

Before Oliver can fully explain he is interrupted by a member of the league who says Ghul demands to have Diggle back in captivity.

The flashback shows General Shrieve giving instructions to Maseo and Oliver on where to get the cure for the bio-weapon.

Meanwhile, Ghul deals with Malcolm who tells him that Oliver was lying to him all the time.

Is Malcolm such a coward that he would expose Oliver to save his own life or is this all a part of the plan?

Oliver approaches Ghul and Malcolm but has to prove that he is really rid of Oliver Queen. Ghul says that they shall see and the conversation ends abruptly. Thea wakes up alone and ventures off to see Roy.

He quit his job and wrote her a letter about how much he wants to give her the life she deserves.

He tells her that he will always love her but leaves her his suit. Yes Arsenal is passing on his responsibility to Speedy.

Ghul grants Malcolm a shorter death which happens to be the same death as everyone but Tatsu. Oliver leaves his friend in a room where dangerous gas has been deployed. In a flashback, Maseo and Oliver are too late because Akio has already died.

Shrieve says that Akio was dead the moment he was exposed because there is no cure.

It was all a ploy to capture Oliver at the cost of Akio. Oliver prepares to make his ascendant as the "son of the demon."

Nyssa walks down the isle towards Oliver as the ceremony begins. The team is suffering as Oliver's wedding goes on.

Nyssa tries one last attempt to kill Oliver but she fails.

The ceremony continues and the team looks as if they are all perishing. The union has been sealed between Nyssa and Oliver while his team lies in what is disguised as death.

"This is Your Sword" has set the tone for a huge finale to come and it puts the power in Oliver's hands.

It was pretty well written and while the odds are stacked against Oliver, he and his team will have to make some serious decisions next week during the season finale of "Arrow." Fans who want to see what happens next can tune in next week at 8PM EST as "Arrow" continues on the CW.