'Arrow' Recap 'Uprising,' Season 3 Episode 12, Malcolm Merlyn Offers A Lending Hand

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Last week was the beginning of a new Team "Arrow" minus it's leader.

This week, in "Uprising," the twelfth episode of the third season, the team headed by Diggle, Arsenal and Black Canary have to think carefully as to whether or not they can trust Malcolm.

Malcolm offers a lending hand to the reassembled crime fighting team (Roy, Diggle, Felicity & Laurel) in order to help shut Brick's crime spree in the Glades down. When some of the members mull the idea over, Felicity is not in favor of accepting help from a man who was responsible for the "death," of Oliver, as they still don't know the good news.

The team will need all the help they can but they all need to be in agreement on a plan.

Malcolm's past is explored through a series of flashbacks that show is known for, and chronicles his plummet from a kind-hearted father and husband to ruthless killer following his wife's murder.

Thea's life was put in danger last week when the League of Assassins were made aware that she and Malcolm would not be leaving.

The action kicks off as Oliver prepares to leave but he is stopped by Tatsu before he could run off. He thanks her for saving his life but she says Maseo did all of the work.

Oliver asks Tatsu to come with him, but like Maseo she refuses and Starling City's hero is beginning to make his way back home.

Turmoil in the Glades was inevitable and when some of Brick's men try to collect taxes, Arsenal and Black Canary swoop in to save the day and take them out.

Felicity and Diggle man the lair and when Roy and Laurel leave a familiar face notices Sarah or who she believed to be Sarah, Sin.

Felicity keeps in contact with Quentin Lance who is giving them the go ahead to police the Glades behind the mayor's back.

Meanwhile, Thea and Malcolm are continuing their training and it looks like she is developing faster than ever however, Malcolm finds the weakness in her and she is frustrated by what her father has brought unto them. Malcolm tells her he wasn't always a killer and he said the first time he was more frightened than ever.

Now in a flashback Malcolm recalls greeting a young Tommy after a hard day at work and promised to always be there for him. When Malcolm asks where his mother is, Tommy says he does not know.

Malcolm rushes downstairs to greet his wife but instead got horrible news from two police officers. Back in the present day Lance provides information that can be helpful for tracking Brick.

He is also concerned about Sarah and asks Arsenal to watch her back during their meeting.

The team gets down to work and Felicity tracks Brick's gun back to the murder of Malcolm's wife.

Malcolm has been spying on the team and heard every word that was said and the look on his face shows utter surprise and shock.

Oliver continues his quest back home but is having a hard time due to his injuries. He realizes that he can't get too far and that he also had a follower. Tatsu has a change of heart and now helps Oliver by giving him wise words on the art of using a sword so that he can be prepared when he has to fight Ra's Al Ghul.

Meanwhile, Malcolm is sharpening a sword of his own, chances are he is going to go after Brickwell. He tells Thea that everything he's stood for was wrong and his wife's murder was not avenged.

Malcolm says that now he is going to set things right and he looks to have his sights on Brickwell.

A flashback to the funeral for Rebecca is shown and a man gives Malcolm the wrong photo trying to help. Felicity is frustrated because she can't find a way to locate Brick's men, however, when Laurel and Roy reveal that they were using walkie talkie's, she traces them back to the precinct for the Glades. Meanwhile the men who let Arsenal and Black Canary get away meet with Brickwell and one of them meets a fatal end.

Before Brick could kill the other Felicity hacks the system and shuts the power down. Canary and Arsenal now go to work taking out Brick's men but he begins firing back with some pretty powerful artillery.

Just when Brick looks to have the upper hand, Malcolm comes in and tells Arsenal and Canary that they need to talk.

Malcolm arrives to the lair and reveals that they all have a common interest in getting rid of Brickwell. Malcolm says that he wants to team up with him in order to take down Brick and his operation in the Glades. He lays it all on the line and then gives the team time to think it over.

Roy visits Thea at the club and they exchange a little information on the hardships. Thea says that he wants to kill the man that murdered his wife, but Malcolm is also someone who cares and is very protective.

She makes a case for Malcolm as he thought he was helping the Glades with the siege.

Roy isn't the only one who is onboard, Laurel and Diggle are onboard but Felicity needs convincing from Roy who shares some harsh words. He tells Felicity that they need to stop working like Oliver is still alive and vote. Diggle tells Malcolm that the team has refused to accept his offer.

Diggle says that they don't want to become a murder like her is.

Malcolm remembers the first time he approached who he believed to be his wife's killer. The first attempt was a failure and Malcolm was brutally attacked but managed to shoot the assailant in the back.

Tatsu sees Oliver off as he get's ready to board the back of an old truck out of the mountains. Tatsu tells him that whatever he holds most precious might be the price to pay for beating Ra's Al Ghul.

Thea approaches Malcolm before he heads out to kill Brick. Thea says that she told Roy how he risked his life to save her and he denies that there is no more good that exists within him.

After a younger Malcolm killed the man who he thought killed his wife, he tries to run away after the murder solved nothing.

Tommy comes down to greet his father before he leaves and begs him to stay. That was the night that Malcolm went off to study with Ghul.

Laurel greets her old trainer Ted for his help in rallying the people of the Glades against Brick. Roy greets Sin and when she asks bout Sarah he tells her he would tell her everything after she gives her help as well. Felicity and Diggle are in the van to support Arsenal and Canary as they use one of the biggest armies they've ever had before.

They show up alone at first and Brick brings out his whole army. However, the population of the Glades comes out to wage war on their oppressor.

This episode is pretty incredible when analyzed. It shows the strength of the team without Oliver, but it also shows how much they need him in times like these.

Oliver may have not involved the people of the Glades if her were to do it because it would endanger lives of the innocent, however, the team has to work with what they have and the people of the Glades are making a statement against a man who set out to take over their livelihood.

The war wages on in the Glades with Sin, Diggle, Arsenal, Ted and Laurel kicking some serious ass. Brick begins his assault on Ted and almost gets shot but before Brick could kill Ted Arsenal shoots him with an arrow. Malcolm joins the party despite the teams refusal.

He then tends to Brick who tells him that Rebecca was his initiation into a gang.

Before Malcolm could kill Brick, OLIVER QUEEN RETURNS. Oliver tells him to stop because it will not bring Rebecca back. Oliver comes back and greets the entire City and the entire Glades vowing never to leave it again.

Lance brings the cops back to the Glades and he is approached by Sin who tells him that the woman in the Black Canary costume isn't Sarah. Thea is woken up by Malcolm who tells her that he didn't do it for her he did it for himself. Oliver comes back to Thea and tells her that he spent a few weeks in jail and even shakes Malcolm's hand.

Thea leaves to make some tea and Malcolm thanks Oliver for not making a scene in front of her.

Oliver is not happy with the things that Malcolm has done, but he asks Malcolm to train him so that he can defeat his master.

Oliver returns and is greeted by Felicity with open arms and tears. The rest of the team questions Oliver on his whereabouts but he just congratulates them on a job well done while he was gone. When the team asks what the plans are for Ghul, Oliver drops the bomb that he will be utilizing the help of Malcolm to defeat Ghul.

Felicity is not happy with the decision at all and walks out.

Oliver tries to do damage control and Felicity reveals that she wished he would do things differently between they two of them.

She brings up the fact that he told her that he loved her but she doesn't want to be a woman that he loves because it will only bring her a fate suffered by Sarah.

"Uprising" builds on last weeks episode of "Arrow" while giving fans a background on how Malcolm turned into the ruthless killer he is now.

Laurel's has properly accepted her role as "Black Canary" and the team didn't look too bad without Oliver, but now that he's back the team has never looked better.

Fans who want to see what happens next will have to tune into "Arrow" Wednesdays at 8 PM EST on The CW and for those who haven't gotten enough, you can head over to The CW to catch up on all the "Arrow" extras.