'Arrow' Recap: 'Sins of the Father' Season 4 Episode 13, Malcolm's Fate

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Things got pretty heated on CWTV's Arrow with Thea's life slipping away.

In "Sins of the Father," episode 13 of season four, Oliver is going to have to decided whether or not he is going to appease Nyssa's wishes in order to save his sister.

Nyssa offers Oliver the ability to bring his sister up to full health and off of the deathbed. Thea is still struggling with blood lust thanks to the Lazarus Pit. The effects are really taking a toll on her and her life is slipping away.

Malcolm wants to help Thea and makes a pretty daring decision.

Oliver gives Laurel the task of trying to convince Nyssa to choose the path of diplomacy over the death or Malcolm in order to bring a peaceful end to the conflict. Meanwhile, Felicity learns more about her father, the Calculator.

The episode kicked off with Nyssa telling Oliver about the elixir called the lotus to help Thea. Oliver tells her if she really cared about Thea healing wouldn't come with a condition.

Oliver realizes that Nyssa can't defeat Malcolm so that's why she is asking her to do the dirty work.

He tells her that his sister is dying because of something her father did but Nyssa says that Thea is dying because of what Malcolm did.

Felicity is having coffee with her father and she doesn't seem too thrilled about it. She tells him that he was afraid of going to jail and that's why he stayed away. He says that he is there now and he wants them to speak openly.

He tells Felicity that he was trying to complete a job for someone and he was beat by an adversary. She immediately tries to speed off in her wheelchair but he tells her that it's not what she thinks.

He says that he and Felicity are just alike and he wants to prove that he is not a bad guy.

He presents her with a flash drive of all of the hacks that he has done in hopes to repair their relationship.

Oliver has briefed Diggle and Laurel on the proposal from Nyssa and they don't seem too hesitant to take out Malcolm. However, Oliver doesn't want to take away Thea's father from her.

He decides that he wants to convince Malcolm to give Nyssa the ring but Laurel has to agree to go along with it.

A flashback begins and just when Taiana tells him that she is done with him, he presents her with the relic that their captors are seeking. She takes it from him and calls the guards.

Oliver briefs Malcolm on Nyssa's proposal and Malcolm doesn't seem to want to play along with Nyssa's games. He tells Oliver to stop wasting his time so that he can do something to save Thea. Laurel visits Nyssa and asks her what she is doing. Laurel says she wants Malcolm dead just as much as she does, however, if Nyssa wants Malcolm dead, she has to kill him herself.

However, Laurel also proposes the terms that Oliver and Laurel are working on. Nyssa says she would agree to the terms but Malcolm won't.

Nyssa tells Laurel that Malcolm better be onboard or else the streets of her city will run red with the blood of their enemies. It looks like Nyssa is also posing a threat to Laurel.

Oliver returns to the lair and e finds out about Nyssa's plan if things don't go as planned. He also learned that Felicity's father is the Calculator. Oliver thinks he has a way to bring Malcolm to the bargaining table.

In a flashback Taiana tells Baron that she has something that he wants and when she shows him, his eyes light up. She asks him if they have a deal and he snatches the relic.

Taiana doesn't want to stay with Oliver but Baron says that Oliver is very important to his plan and that she is to stay and take care of him.

In present day, Nyssa is going through some practice with her soldiers and she is not happy when Oliver comes in without Malcolm. Nyssa tells Oliver that the only way to resolve all of this is through bloodshed. She presents him with the sample of the lotus that he asked for in order to appease Malcolm.

Nyssa then tells him that someone has to die and she hopes it's not Thea.

Diggle and Oliver show Malcolm the proof of the lotus and he asks for Nyssa's terms. Oliver tells her and then agrees to meet with Nyssa that night.

Felicity calls her mother in to help figure out whether or not the Calculator is her father. He tells Donna that Noah is in Star City and Donna is immediately worried. She tells she would love to tell her that her father doesn't have an ulterior motive but he is lying and people don't change even if you want them to. Nyssa and Laurel are patiently waiting when Malcolm presents the ring for the elixir.

However, Malcolm has other plans and he wages a battle on Nyssa and her small army. Oliver realizes that he has to stop them both before they kill each other.

Nyssa and her army retreats and when Malcolm gives chase, Oliver, Laurel and Diggle stand in the way. Oliver asks him to think about Thea and Malcolm says everything he has been doing has been for Thea.

Felicity and the rest of the team are frustrated after the failed attempt to save Thea. Oliver says they can't allow league civil war and that they need to take down the two generals. In another flashback Taiana is helping Oliver despite the hate for him she feels. He tries to help her mourn her brother but she tells him that a man with a heart as small as his couldn't understand what she is going through.

He tells her about his father killing himself in front of him and the four people he lost on the way. Taiana says she could see in his eyes that he was lost and shattered.

She tells him that he can still get redemption if he says them from Baron Reiter.

Diggle talks to Oliver and tells him that Malcolm has to be taken down. Oliver says he has never hated anyone the way he hates Malcolm and Diggle tells him to use his hate to do what has to be done.

Felicity is talking to her father, Noah and brings him to the research and development section of Palmer labs.

She seems pretty excited to show him everything and he even calls her the Steve Jobs of Palmer. He thanks her for agreeing to let him in and she tells him they will take baby steps.

Laurel stops Nyssa before she wages a war on Star City. Nyssa tells her to step aside but Laurel refuses.

Just before Nyssa and Laurel go at it, Malcolms league attacks and Laurel helps Nyssa escape.

However, all hell breaks loose and the city turns into a war zone between the league and Nyssa's fighters. The war leaves all of Nyssa's soldiers down and Oliver apologizes before they tranquilize her.

Nyssa finds herself in the same cell she was in one year ago. Laurel asks Nyssa where the lotus is but all she says is that it's safe. Laurel asks her how she could be so selfish as to use Thea's life as a bargaining chip. She tells Nyssa that she is acting like her father and that she can stop it and finally be free.

Malcolm and his league are searching the city for the lotus. Oliver talks to Felicity about her dad and she tells Oliver that when they were together, something didn't happen.

Her father is trying to steal from Palmer and she says she doesn't even know why she is surprised. Oliver tells Felicity that everyone thinks he should kill Malcolm and Felicity agrees.

He says after everything Malcolm has done, maybe he and Thea have some type of relationship. However, Felicity says Thea's father is no more likely to change than her own. Malcolm is watching over Thea and Oliver races down and demands that he gives Nyssa the ring. Malcolm tells the story of when he met Thea for the first time at 16 weeks old. He says he always knew they were connected and Oliver says a real father wouldn't let their daughter die just to keep their reign of power.

Malcolm and Oliver argue over the purpose of the league. Malcolm equates what's happening to Thea with Oliver's bout with Darhk.

Malcolm even reveals that he knows about Oliver's son. Finally he decides that Malcolm has to challenge Nyssa to a trial by combat.

Before the trial, Oliver tells Felicity he has another crazy idea coming up and stops Malcolm and Nyssa before they fight. Oliver says that in the eyes of the league Nyssa is his wife and he wishes to fight on her behalf. Nyssa argues with Oliver and he says that if he is to choose between her life and his then he would rather fight.

He takes her weapon and Malcolm says that he is a little disappointed. Malcolm tells Oliver that he has grown more foolish with experience.

The battle commences and Oliver seems to have the upper-hand over Malcolm. He tells Malcolm to kneel but Malcolm says he will never surrender. Instead of killing Malcolm, he cuts off his hand, removes the ring and presents it to Nyssa. He asks for the lotus and he receives the full bottle of the elixir.

He tells her that she is Ras Al Ghul and she thanks him as her new league salutes her. The team brings Thea back to life with the elixir and she wakes up completely.

She says she is up but tired. Oliver tells her that she will be fine and there will be no more bloodlust. Diggle tells Oliver that he did it all without killing Nyssa or Malcolm.

Noah brings Felicity a portable ramp and she tells him that she has a meeting and just wanted to tell him goodbye. He asks her what's going on and she asks him what was wrong with her that he would leave him. He tells her that he thought he was doing the right thing. Felicity says she doesn't know if she should believe him and then turns Noah over to the police.

Before she leaves, she tells him they are nothing alike. Nyssa thanks Laurel for seeing her and thanks her for showing her that she doesn't have to be like her father.

Nyssa takes the ring off her finger in front of Oliver, Laurel and Malcolm and melts it.

She reveals that she disbanded the league and that no one will be held prisoner by her father anymore.

Malcolm tells Oliver he thought of him as a son but the only reason that Oliver is still living is because death is more than what he owes him.

In the final flashback Taiana now has Oliver back to health and Reiter tells them that they have to dig for what they seek. In present day Oliver tells Felicity she doesn't have to be funny with him and she reveals that she is feeling remorse for what she did. He tells her to not make the mistake of thinking the thing with her dad is over.

She tells him not to punish himself for what he did to Malcolm. Oliver turns and asks her to marry him because he feels like this is the best time.

He asks her why she is waiting and she tells him because she has to plan it but that she is in.

Elsewhere, Malcolm meets with Damien Darhk and tells him that he hasn't come empty handed.

He tells Darhk that he knows who Oliver Queen cares about more than anyone in the world. Malcolm gives up the name of Oliver's son, William.

"Sins of the Father" continues what has been a pretty epic season for Arrow. Oliver continues to play this chess game when it comes to finding alternatives to getting his team out of tough positions, however, they just seem to backfire.

Hopefully the team doesn't struggle when they meet Damien Darhk again but we all know that's just wishful thinking.

Fans who want more Arrow extras can head over to The CW to find out updates as season four continues to progress.

Photos that sum up tonights episode.

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